Beeeee Yourself

Beeeee Yourself

I have had a rare moment of clarity this week (very ommmmmmm of me I know), however I thought it might be useful to share this with you.
I have discovered this week that I recently I have been something of a copycat. I will see women, either online or in person and think “they look good blonde. That will definitely suit me”. I then go out on payday weekend and spend a fortune on a blonde ombre look, to find that, guess what? It didn’t suit me. TBF, it might have suited me if it didn’t come out so brassy. I should have said something to the hairdresser, but being so British, I just sat there. 

I spent the day feeling so ugly. I tried to curl my hair (thinking this would obvs help) to find that it didn’t. Ralph was an absolute sweetie and repeatedly told me I looked lovely (nawwwww), but I know I didn’t feel confident.

The next day I dyed my hair with a 28 day wash out colour of a light-ish brown. I was in such a rush Sunday evening with the hair dying and then having to pop round my mum’s to pick up another delivery. I mention this as, I was in such a rush, that I didn’t have much time to think about my make-up or anything. I mean, I had time to apply some, but didn’t have time to longingly look in the mirror wishing I was prettier…..

I have recently purchased and tried out some new makeup, again copying looks from people I’ve seen. I’ve been determined to perfect the eyeliner look, only to find that one eye seems to go wonky. I then look like I’ve got one eye bigger than the other, and look like a panda with a problem (what the problem is, I didn’t quite know, but that panda’s got issues)

Anyhoo, I applied my make-up Sunday (in a rush, do you remember) But I didn’t use any of the new stuff, I used my old stuff and didn’t bother with the eyeliner. I did a bit of contour and used a Mac lipstick that was a sort of bright pink (INSERT NAME OF MAC LIPSTICK HERE) This shade suited my new brown hair colour to a tea. I looked at myself in the mirror and for the first time in ages, thought “yeah, you don’t look too bad”-oh I’m so modest it hurts.

I threw on my much-loved-newly-acquired cat t-shirt from River Island. I didn’t buy this because I saw it on someone else, I bought this because, well it’s a cat t-shirt, need I say more.

I went out in the evening feeling confident and it showed. I wasn’t constantly checking my hair in the mirror or adjusting my panda eyeliner with a wet finger. I loved my new hair and I felt like my face was glowing.

I felt soooooo much better from wearing stuff I bought for me.

So be yourself girls. Don’t look at someone else and try to copy them. Chances are, that same woman is looking at you wishing she could copy you in some way. No-one is 100% happy with themselves, we all think we have a flaw of some kind, and look to others to compare. I hate my nose. It’s a horrible wonky thing with a bit at the end. But I get so many people wanting my hair. I also suit my glasses, and several people have complimented me on them.

Know your best features and show them off. By all means, try new looks. Try new things. Spend all the money on things. But do so because you want it for you, not to copy that one girl who YOU think is perfect. YOU are perfect, and never think otherwise


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