My top 5 films to watch over and over again

My top 5 films to watch over and over again

Hey everybody. I am writing this post after watching The Martian, AGAIN! In fact, I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve watched it TBH. I cooked a Dr Oetker pizza and was ready to curl up on the sofa watching Saturday night TV. Turned on the Sky box and it just didn’t respond. I turned it off and on again, unplugged the thing and prayed to the Sky Gods to mend itself. It didn’t work. Even worse, my pizza was getting cold. Rather than eating my pizza in silence, I grabbed a Blu-Ray from the TV unit and shoved it in. I don’t think I actually thought about it.

My boyfriend doesn’t get why I like to watch the same stuff over and over. Sometimes it’s down to nostalgia, sometimes it’s just how a film makes me feel. So I decided to make a list of my top five films to watch, repeatedly. I mean, like, 20 times plus…

Now, this isn’t meant to be a review type post, but a list to describe each films watch-ability (spoilers contained within) so here goes:

  1. Back To The Future trilogy– this was an absolute essential ingredient to my childhood. I first watched them at quite a young age and I got the concept almost straight away. I got what a gigawatt was, and bad shit happens when you change the past (makes mental note not to do this). I think this was the first film of mine to introduce me to the word “consequences” (quote- The consequences could be disastrous) At first I didn’t quite know what would be disastrous, but I went with it anyway.

This is one of those films that has stood the test of time (haha time, get it?!?!?) The characters are as much loved now as they were in the 80’s. I recently went to Comic Con in London where they did a special celebrating the BTTF films. People were dressed up as Marty and Doc and it just made me feel warm inside.

Plus, this is one of those rare time travel films that does not have any errors in terms of yeah but if they went back in time and changed that, how can this happen type flaws. I once thought I thought of an error, to find my mum & dad took so much glee in correcting my mistake.


  1. Lord of The Rings Trilogy– yup, another trilogy people. This is a trilogy of films to just get lost in. To forget the world outside and accept that hobbits, trolls and dragons are for real and wouldn’t it be great to be a wizard (I would make a great wizard me thinks)

The films have a real feel good concept of good vs evil. Friendships will last a lifetime and to stand up for what you believe. I like that. Plus I’m a sucker for fantasy films and imagining a different world, and wouldn’t it be great to live there.


  1. The Martian– ahhhhh, you knew this was coming, right? This is a recent addition to my “repeat list”. Ralph and I got this film to watch after having our minds blown by Interstellar. I’ve always looked at space travel with a sense of romance, imagining it would be just like Star Trek where you can fly between galaxies in seconds. Nuh uh in this film chaps. This film shows what happens when shit happens. Actually, when I saw trailers for this film, it kinda filled me with dread thinking it would just be one dilemma after another, and full of techy talk.

I could not have been more wrong.

Firstly there is a light hearted humour to the film that lifts the mood to what could have been quite a bleak film. I mean, he is left alone on a planet people, you wouldn’t begrudge him getting depressed now would you? Instead, we are treated to Matt Damon listening to disco music and the Nasa guys being sarcastic with each other. I. Love. It. The humour assists with the flow of the film and you are instantly drawn to Matt Damon’s rescue.

There is a lovely message to the film of Overcome Each Obstacle At a Time. Solve the problem, then move on to the next, and it’s is such a simple message and the film makers did an excellent job with this film.

  1. Interstellar– another space type film. Ralph and I had OUR MIND’S BLOWN with this film. Actually, blown. Now, I won’t post any spoilers as this is too good a damn film to ruin. However, I will say that a certain scene will just leave you speechless. The score by Hans Zimmer is excellent. So good that I considered purchasing the score from iTunes for just that scene. There’s no lyrics, just pure orchestra, but it’s so powerful it’s unreal.

I like to watch this film, not for the plot or get you thinking parts, but for the relaxing images of space travel and the possibilities that affords. This is a good film to watch in bed and drift off thinking about space, la la la la la. Nerd Tip- I sometimes skip the DVD to exactly 45 mins in as this is when the space travel starts.

  1. Sherlock (BBC Series) now then, this is not a film, but a TV show. But each episode is like, the length of a movie, so it totally counts.

This show started my Cumberbatch obsession. So much so that I intend to go to Sherlocked in London in September (Ralph is beyond thrilled) and have a picture taken with BC.

I love the show. I stay up to date with rumours and all things Sherlock. I would even say I know each episode almost by heart. However there are two episodes in particular that I like to watch again and again. The first is A Scandal in Belgravia. I love how the episode kinda shows Sherly almost falling for a woman, and what type of woman she would need to be. I also like how the episode covers a long time period and makes it just seem more real somehow. The second is His Last Vow. This episode shows Sherlock almost at his worst to some extent. He is left with no choices and little options. My favourite scene is the gun shot scene and it shows him falling into some, subconscious state of fighting his body and his mind at the same time. I remember watching this scene the first time with my mouth actually open, like jaw dropping open. Super impressed.


So that’s the list people. I hope I’m not the only one out there who likes to watch films over and over. Please comment below with your watch-ability films, as I’d love to hear of more films out there that have the “repeat factor”.


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