Payday Splurge Loves

Payday Splurge Loves

So, I’ve had something of a splurge this month. I’ve kinda had the mentality of “well I should treat myself”, though this has applied to like, everything. Ooops, sorry bank account.

Here are some of the items I am in love with this month:


Kate Spade Bag- purchase here

A total treat item. The bag is big enough to hold my phone, cards, keys and perhaps a lipstick or two. Perfect for a night out with Ralph. Those who know me were like “Wow, it’s PINK!” and then fainted at utter disbelief at my purchase (they did not do this, I kinda filtered out the responses as they were all the same and pictured this totally happening). I am known for wearing a lot of blacks, greys and browns, with the odd floral pattern thrown in for good measure. So I thought a bright pink bag would be a lush contrast and be like a statement bag. You have statement rings and so on, so this is the same.

Ralph and I tend to eat out on a Sunday night, so I am looking forward to taking this little lady on her first outing. Actually, her actual first outing was to Tesco’s, on the night she was delivered, but that doesn’t count and certainly isn’t glam enough for this lady.

Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask 

I have always struggled with dry skin and pores the size of Swindon. I am on a total mission right now to improve my skin and naturally, my first stop was the Clinique lady in Debenhams, Swindon. She was sooooo helpful and took the time to listen to my problems (just skincare, we not BFF’s now or anything) and she recommend the Moisture Surge range.

I had heard so many great things about this mask, with people saying they felt as if their skin was glowing the next day. Well they were totally right. I’ve only used it 3 times so far, as I’m applying this twice a week before bed, but the next day my skin felt super soft. The cream isn’t too heavy and my skin seems to absorb it well.

My little tip- don’t plunge head first into the pillows immediately after applying. I keep my hair tied up off my face and just sit upright for about 10 minutes. The first night I applied it, I instantly snuggled into my pillow and it felt as if my pillow was sticky afterwards.



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