Time By Myself

Time By Myself


Firstly. let me start out by saying I enjoy time on my own. I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting your own space. It shouldn’t be taken as an insult by anybody that you actually enjoy it. Luckily I am in a relationship where Ralph feels exactly the same as me.

Ralph stays at mine during the week as we both work in Swindon. I then drive up to Ralph’s in Reading every Saturday. That leaves me with just Friday night and Saturday daytime to do my thing. I tend to see my mum & dad on a Friday night, so technically I don’t get an evening to myself as it were.

Now then, this week Ralph has taken some time off, leaving me with two evenings all to myself. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not jumping for joy to be rid of him, I just make a point of making the most of my alone time. You see, before Mr Ralph came along, things were the total opposite. I would spend 90% of my time on my own. I would see friends and do stuff, but most evenings were spent in my own company, and the cats of course.

So I decided to jot down what I get up to when left to fend for myself. Here goes:

Wednesday Night

I must start off with a declaration. I. Can’t. Cook. At all. I’ve tried several times to copy people’s receipes. Even Ralph’s Risotto that I’ve seen him make countless times. When I tried to make that I ended up cocking the whole thing up and turning it into a stew. Oh and most of the rice was raw. Meh.

So don’t be reading this hoping to get inspiration for fantastic recipes, coz I am not your girl for that. Instead, I indulged in a micro meal that took precisely 7.5 minutes to ding. God bless microwaves. I did however have a cupcake from Tesco’s. I’ve been eyeing up these babies for sometime, but Ralph and I are on a health kick at the moment. But I wanted to treat myself, so fuck it. Just look at how delicious it looks, right?….. Read on….

Eating the aforementioned cupcake was a nightmare. The icing on top was so tall that, when you took a bite from the side, you ended up with icing up your nose. I ended up going with a tactic of eating from the side that resulted in the remainder of the cupcake crumbling down my tshirt and onto my sofa. You’re one classy lady Jo, yup. It was delicious anyway.

I then spent the rest of my evening on my PC. You might have gathered that this blog is quite new, and stuff is still being set up as I type. I’ve paid someone to do stuff for me, however I stumbled upon (went looking directly for) Youtube videos on how to do everything. So there I was, like some Internet Guru setting up shit all on my own. I felt so empowered, as I had previously tried to do this same stuff myself and failed. I only kept looking for videos as I felt I had all the time in the world. I didn’t have a structure to my evening to stick to. I could spend all night here if I wanted to….

It was then time for bed. Oh yes, time to rest my weary internet-soaked eyes and head to the land of nod. NOPE. Not tonight. I did get off to sleep, but then woke up at 2:30am after some strange dream that I have since forgotten. I then remembered all my internet conquering and proceeded to give this some more in depth thought. How would I adjust my pictures? How do I add a category page? What’s that? Oh, it’s time to get up FML.

Thursday Evening


Coffee much needed today. I’ve had 3 hours sleep and I could just cry I’m so tired. Treat myself to a Costa on way to work because I can’t fall asleep at my desk. Gotta love a Caramel Latte.

I get home with the energy of a sloth. Ugh. I’m away this weekend for Comic Con and my parents are feeding my cats, which means they will moan about my house in some way. It’s clean. It’s tidy. I’ll just put all my clothes lying around in the spare room, they won’t go in there…

I do some tidying. Eat another micro meal but skip the 2nd cupcake, as I can’t be arsed to hoover up the crumbs again. Also, I’ve cheated on my sugar reduced diet already today. If I eat a cupcake this will no doubt send me into sugar spasm and, fuck, what if I don’t sleep tonight????

I spend the rest of the evening on the PC typing up blogs. I stay away from figuring out how to do things and simply type. Sky has thankfully brought back the Harry Potter channel, so I can watch something a bit easy and memorable without having to think about it. Though I tried the same tactic this morning when I couldn’t get back to sleep, and I ended up sitting blot upright just as SPOILER Dumbledore dies. I don’t know why I put spoiler. The films have been out for yonks, so everyone must know that by now??

I bought some nail varnish yesterday with the intention of painting my toenails. This is not happening. I lack the concentration to do pretty much anything, let alone precisely point the nail varnish brush somewhere towards my toes without spilling a bright pink all over myself and/or my sofa.

So that pretty much sums up my activities when left to my lonesome. Even though I’ve got some shit done and basically become an internet genius, it feels like I’ve achieved nothing. I am not sure what I had hoped to achieve with my 5 hours each evening. Write a novel? Climb Mount Everest? Sometimes you just want to sloth/mong. You want to mope about the house, half achieving tasks, half concentrating on Harry Potter, even though you’ve seen it 1294733462 times. Sometimes you just want to shut yourself away from everyone and everything and watch Cat GIFs on 9Gag. You don’t want to speak to anyone and you certainly don’t want to be an adult.

Even though I’ve missed Ralph and his elbows diggin into me in bed, it’s been nice to just do my own thing. Even if it means spilling cupcakes crumbs all over myself and getting no sleep…zzzzzzz

So don’t feel bad for wanting time to yourself every once in a while if you’re in a relationship. Don’t even aim to achieve anything. Just simply mong out and enjoy your own company. Then look forward to updating your other half on your crazy antics. Ralph was especially delighted with my cupcake conundrum… “Why didn’t you just eat it from the bottom?” Be quiet Ralph.



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