A Mini Body Shop Haul

A Mini Body Shop Haul

You know when you have a successful shop? Like, you get back home/work and just have to look back in your bag to see your purchases again? This happened on my lunch break today. 

Wandered around town with Ralph and I wanted to pop into Body Shop just to pick up a new shower poof. Their shower poofs are divine. Fact. 

Got into the shop, immediately saw said needed poofs. Went to pay and ooooh make up. 

So here’s what I bought:

Down to Earth Eye Palette £15

I’ve been looking for a brown eye shadow palette for some time. But, not just full of dark browns. And also, I didn’t just want the light browns to be too orange-like. So this caught my eye immediately. 

They have more shades available for their palettes that I think are new out. 

Colour Crush Lipstick £10

This little beauty just wanted me to buy it. It called to me. 

My go-to lip thing for a light pink shade at the moment has to be Benefit Posie Balm. THIS new lipstick might be a new contender. 

Shower Poofs £2 each

Now I’m pretty sure this is not the official name for these things. It might be puff? Dunno. 

It has long been told that Body Shop poofs/puffs are the softest thing known to mankind. There’s no scratchy side that irritates and you feel like you are washing with a puff of a cloud…..

I’ve been long overdue for a new puffy poof and I got a 2nd one for Ralph’s place. My old puff is looking slightly pathetic and way past its use by date ?

Freebie Coconut Lip Butter

Whenever I buy anything in Body Shop, the checkout process whizzes by in a blur. They always have so many great offers on that I just smile and nod through most of it. 

I got this little cherub free for spending a certain amount and having a loyalty card. Before you do anything else, get their loyalty card. You need this to benefit from their many offers and you always get value for money. Do it. I ended up saving £8.70 today plus a freebie. Win win. 

Let me know if you’ve bought any of these. Or any recommendations for Body Shop- I’ve not been in there for a while and their stuff looked lush today. 


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