Friday Favourites

Friday Favourites

Hi Guys, yay Friday. I never thought it would get here.

Here is where I should comment on the weather and “hasn’t it been awful?!” “just like Autumn” blah blah blah. In actual fact, I’ve not minded the weather. I’ve been sleeping better and it’s just made evenings in with Ralph that little bit more snuggly. Is snuggly even a word? I’ve just made up a word. Go me.

Below are some of the highlights from this week of craziness. We’re mental I tell you:

New Look Trench Coat

Oh yeah. This bad boy set me back a whopping £13 in the New Look sale. It has been absolutely spot on this week with the rubbish weather. It’s quite light and looks smart. It also makes a change from my usual jacket colour choice of black. I had a meeting in London this week, and sometimes when I go to London, I feel a little inferior when it comes to my dress sense. London is full of so many trendy people. Especially at peak times in the morning. You just wonder how they got their shit together with a faultless outfit, daybag, suitcase, laptop and coffee on the go without even breaking a sweat. Being a true Swindonian, I always aim for practical over style. But with my new trench coat, I felt like I belonged with the crazy bunch of people you call fashionable. I teamed the look with a Topshop neckerchief and I felt as if people were looking at me a different way today as if to say “hmmm, nice”. At least that’s what I think. Excuse my slightly sweaty face in this pic. I was running ever so slightly late for a meeting, but hey spotted a mirror in the loos. Classy.


Doug The Pug & Pet Stylistt on Instagram

I spotted these pages from a Buzzfeed article and they were completely right. You need these instagram posts in your life. That is, if you like endless pictures of cute pugs in outfits and doggies having a pamper wash. Of course you like that, who doesn’t? Instagram links below:

Doug The Pug

Doug The Pug

Pet Stylistt

Pet Sylistt

I like to browse through Instagram feeds like this on my lunch break. It’s a great chance to switch off from work and look at CUTE PUGS.

Did I mention Pugs? I also bought this Pug cushion from New Look this week.

Robot Wars

Oh hi, nerd brigade here. We LOVE this show. There’s nothing amazing about it, it’s just a bunch of handmade robots beating the shit out of each other. It’s on Sundays, but we tend to watch it Monday evenings. It takes little to no concentration to watch. Though, be warned, within minutes of watching you will class yourself as an expert tactician in robot warfare.

Personally, I would be distraught if my beloved hand made robot got smashed to smitherines, but they seem to take it on the chin. So far we’ve only seen one bad loser, and he was a total knobend anyway. I love the underdogs and the teams are so humble. They often help each other out when it comes to repairs. Sometimes it’s just nice to watch a show like that without the rivalry being centre stage.


I told myself I wouldn’t sign up to anymore subscription boxes. I told myself and everyone around me I was sick of them. I know part of the fun is the randomness of what you might receive. But when you receive what is obviously a sample size product time and time again, you get a bit fed up. Sending sachets of shampoo did not impress me.

Anyhoo, Glossybox caught my eye, with their pretty pink boxes and pretty pink Instagram feed, I was already on board. After reviewing some of their previous boxes, it seems as if they always send full size products. You fill in a questionnaire about your skin and hair type and then you’re good to go.

Received my first box this week. It came to the office at work, and people around me were intruigued. I told myself I am not opening it until I get home, but then this happened…


Look how pretty it is!!!! And such good value for money too. The brush alone is like £8.99 or something. I’m yet to try any of the other products, but I used the brush this morning and I caught myself repeatedly brushing my face a lot more than was needed- it was just so soft!

For August we get an MUA Eye Palette plus other stuff. One lady at work signed straight up and I think a 2nd is imminent…

Pink Notebook from Tescos and Triplus Pens

These little beauties have been an absolute godsend. I love stationery anyway, and when I start a new project, I like to have a new notebook, simple as that. I like to make lists and I like to scribble down notes. Better than that, I like to make colour sectioned notes for each category. All the colours, all the organising!! I did consider having a washi-tape border for each page, but now I’m just talking crazy talk…..

I’ve now got a very colourful Blog notebook and I actually know what page to go to for each thing. I’ve got some blog ideas written down amongst blog layouts and more tech stuff that I won’t bore you lovely people with.

The pens write beautifully too. I enjoy writing with them and like how my scuffy handwriting turns out.


Have a great weekend guys



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