How To Get Your Mojo Back

How To Get Your Mojo Back


We’ve all been there, whether you’re at work or at home, sometimes your mojo buggers off and leaves you feeling, well, flat! You don’t want to do anything, you have no energy and you’re stuck in a rut of I want to do things, but I also want to do nothing. Come the end of the day, you look back pissed off you’ve done nothing but sit in your Garfield pyjamas.

I wanted to share with you some little tips on how I cope when I’m in this sort of mood. These are by no means a cure, just some small steps to make yourself feel like the sassy woman you are;


Allow yourself time to wallow


When the mood hits, it can take some time to realise WTF is going on!?! 10 minutes ago I was like “Do all the things & I’m a productive workforce” and now you’re like “I like this wall, I think I’m just gonna stare at it for the rest of the day”.


Allow yourself a small amount of time to adjust. Only a small amount though. Take time to take stock that this is happening to you. I’m going to give myself 10 minutes, then I’m gonna get a wriggle on. Decide to BEAT this.


Make your bed


Don’t just throw the sheets kinda over the pillows. I mean proper make the bed. Tuck in the corners and stuff, make it all neat AF and look at you you’ve already been an adult today. You will feel so much better for having achieved something already. I love it when I make the bed properly and put my lush throw over the top. It looks so soft and fluffy, I just like to stare at it for ages.


Have a hot drink


A hot drink is soothing for the soul. There is just something about a hot drink that relaxes you and makes me feel completely chilled.


I always start out my day with a milky coffee. I fill half the cup with milk and then microwave for 1 minute 20 seconds. I then add instant coffee and top up with hot water and whaddoyouknow, a proper latte!! Or you could just buy one from Costa or something.


I then drink tea throughout the day. I find that drinking a hot drink also helps me concentrate. Dunno why. Maybe it’s because it makes me feel like a proper grown up, sipping my tea listening to office gossip.


Make Lists, all the lists. Lists about lists. Lists.


These can be anything, but lists help me focus my brain. I like to make lists of different foods to try, stuff to do at home, items I would (someday) like to buy and tasks to complete at work. The latter being soooooo important if you’re not feeling work ATM. This will help plan out your day, knowing which tasks are most important, but be realistic with your time. Don’t set yourself up to fail. Start off with something light and easy to achieve. Crossing items off your work-to-do-list feels soooooo good and productive. Often, once I’ve started tasks, I find myself buzzing to carry on. It’s just all about knowing where to start, this is where the lists come in handy.


Remind yourself of what you have


Sometimes a CBA mood can take you to a whole other place. A place where you THINK you’re fed up of everything. This is a good time to make a mental or actual list (I f*ing love lists) of things that you are grateful for. It could be anything, but you’ll come away feeling all warm and fuzzy. Often when you’re feeling like you CBA, it is so easy to forget what you do have. There is probably someone out there wishing they had your life, so it is good to put things in perspective. Just remember, there is always some poor sod worse off than you, so give yourself a reassuring pat on the back girl.

At Work- Do A Task You Enjoy


Pick your most favourite tasks to start off your day. A task you can lose yourself in and be like “shit is it lunchtime already?!”

There is nothing worse than clock-watching. It is in your best interest to keep your brain occupied and active. I find that once my brain becomes more active, I can’t stop myself from being the productive boss woman I know I can be. I am more engaged and alert, and then ideas and inspiration flow more freely.


Look at/Read Something funny or cute


My go-to place for this is 9Gag- the cute section. There are endless amounts of cute cats, pugs, kittens, sloths and pretty much any cute animal you like. You’ll find yourself chuckling away at their crazy antics and look, you’re laughing already!!

Get yourself the 9Gag app. Right now. So much squee!!!!!! They also have funny memes and stuff. I am sorry to anyone that sits around me at work and has to put up with my random snorting laughter at lunchtime, but funny cats just get me.

Listen to music


I would say you need something upbeat, catchy and up tempo. No depressing love songs here people, even though you love Lana Del Ray, she is not gonna help your mood today I am afraid.


If you’re at work, you obviously need to ask your boss if it is OK to sit with your headphones in while you work. Most companies allow this as I think they understand that music stimulates people. You can also phase out the noise emanating from your colleagues and focus.


I like to put my Faithless collection on shuffle. The fast beat just makes me work faster. I’m not sure if this is a mind thing or what, or whether I like to type to the beat? But it works. Fatboy Slim is another great collection to consider here. Just don’t start singing along to the songs. Unless you’re Beyonce, your colleagues will not thank you for this.


Watch an old film


Hopefully you would’ve seen my previous post about films I like to watch over and over, if you haven’t click here.


I like to put on a film I can just lose myself in. A film you can just escape with. Personally, I like fantasy type films for this, like Harry Potter. Even though I’ve seen them countless times, I like to lose myself in a world of wizards and magic and friendships.


Put on your comfiest jimjams and just chill with the film on. Perhaps light a candle of your favourite scent and just feel yourself relax into the film.


Do Something For You


Give yourself a treat. You’ve done well to make it through today. Now I don’t mean go spending a fortune on things, unless you can afford to, in which case, BUY ALL THE THINGS.


A treat can be anything, like meeting a friend for coffee, listening to your favourite old songs, painting your nails, buying something small that fills you with glee (something completely NOT essential) or perhaps eating your favourite meal. I like to try on different lipsticks and try out different looks with my hair. It’s amazing how you can suddenly feel glam AF and your mood just improves.


Whatever you decide to do, make sure it’s for YOU, and take time out for it.


Try to find the source of your mood


Now this is probably best done after the mood has come and gone on its merry way. Look back at what might have changed, because sometimes a little change in your life can have a big impact. You can feel so not yourself and feel a little lost as to why you’ve changed your mood. Sometimes you just can’t help it, but it is also good to try to figure out if something is bothering you.


Just remember “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, when one only remembers to turn on the light.”


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