Friday Favourites

Friday Favourites

Oh hi! So, it’s Friday!!! 

I’ve had a mega busy 2 weeks full of birthdays and super secret birthday planning. More on that on another post peeps. So this is a Friday Favourites for TWO WEEKS!!! You lucky people. 

So then, my double whammy fortnight of Friday Favourites are:

Orange Is The New Black

Right, so we are waaaaaaay behind the rest of the world here, and only just started this. But we are LOVING IT! 

Its so good when, as a couple, you find a new tv show to watch. Especially when it’s been out for a while and your whole months worth of entertainment is sorted. 

I’m surprised Ralph likes it as it is very women-drama based. But the writing is excellent and it’s very character driven. 

Currently on Season 2 ? Post spoilers and I WILL END YOU. Bye. 

Liz Earle Facewash

This has been an absolute game changer. I’ve stuck with clearasil for as long as I can remember to help with my acne. It wasn’t until a very helpful lady in Debenhams told me it is very drying and I should stop, immediately. So I did. 

I bought this and 4 muslin flannels. Apparently you’re meant to wash them after each wash, but that ain’t happening. 

I’ve found that my skin is just smoother after using this for 2/3 weeks. It removes all my make up and it isn’t harsh on the skin. Yay for no more red face after scrubbing with face wipes. Yes I know they’re bad for me, just shhhhhhh. 

Urban Decay Naked Illuminated

Oh. My. God. This little beauty is gorgeous. I say little, the compact is actually bigger than I thought. But it’s still a little beauty. 

Plus, I’ve just noticed that I am slightly addicted to the Naked range at the minute. This is my 4th purchase in 2 months….

Anyhoo, I use this just to give me a healthy glow after a light dusting of bronzer and highlight. It’s got quite a bit of sparkle, so you don’t need to use a lot, but you can just see the little glittery bits glistening away. I find myself swaying me head from side to side JUST to see the sparkle. 

I used it in the picture below. You can see my cheeks have a little glistening power to them. The woman in the shop kinda implied just to use at night, but I wear this little baby for daytime. Just don’t go mad with it, otherwise you’ll end up like Atomic Kitten circa 2002 ?

Z for Accesorize Jewellery

I discovered these from the Covent Garden branch of Accesorize. I admit, I was in the mood to shop that day. You know when you could just buy ANYTHING pretty?! I tend to stop and question purchases but I saw the Love bracelet and instantly snapped that up. 

I then bought the matching necklace and J pendant one a week later. These are all in their rose gold range and I love how dainty they are. 

I like to pair the necklaces with a choker to give myself a pretty, yet 90’s grunge look at the same time. 

Ralph’s New Cake Slice

This has become a thing of legend. Long has it been talked about, but never obtained….. Until now ladies and gentlemen. 

Just LOOK at it ^. It’s so sleek and makes crumbly cheesecakes a nightmare from the past. Never again shall we have to endure uneven cakes slices. 

I’m on a sugar high, can you tell?!?!

So that’s it guys. Let me know if you’ve bought any of these in the comments below. 



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