The Most Relaxing Bank Holiday Monday

The Most Relaxing Bank Holiday Monday

Why is it that, when we get a longer weekend, we come back to work more depressed than a normal two-day-weekend? We should be elated at the extra day we just had, but nope, that extra day just serves at a tease of freedom. We forget we have jobs to go to, instead we wander around aimlessly on a weekday forgetting we are normally at work right about now.
Our Bank Holiday Monday was, just bliss. I mean, the weather certainly helped. Of course it does. Who isn’t instantly in a better mood when the sun shines???

Ralph had never been to Marlborough before, so I was a bit anxious over whether he would like it. I always do that when I recommend places/restaurants and stuff. It is ON ME if the place turns out to be a total disaster. I constantly look at people JUST to make sure they are enjoying themselves. I also like to ask them this every 5 minutes, just to make sure. I’m much more comfortable following other people’s recommendations, that way, if this day is an epic fail, no blame on me.

We began our day relatively early (for me) and drove to Marlborough. The drive was a simple one, with pretty much just one road to follow. The road was quite hilly and each time you went over a hill, you were greeted with MORE BLUE SKIES and proper Wiltshire countryside. Nice. I was already in a good mood.

I like a good drive on a sunny day. I like to take Chilli the Mini out and stretch her legs every so often. Though my air-con is not great at the minute, so we either melt or have hair flying everywhere for the journey…

We parked up and went to pay, to find that it is FREE PARKING ON A BANK HOLIDAY!! OMG. Could this day get any better?

We made our way to the High Street, making our way past various tearooms and cafes with cakes on display. Ralph liked Marlborough already.

No sooner had we began our walk down the High Street before we saw Polly’s Tearooms. I had a mild spasm of excitement whilst we waited for a table. I say we waited, we stood for about a minute and then got seated. I instantly knew what I was having. I wasn’t messing about. You come to Polly’s Tearooms, you have a cream tea. End of discussion.

I wandered off to take pictures of the cakes on display like a true blogger cliché. Had we not just pigged out on a cream tea and all the clotted cream, we would have had cake. Next time we go there, we must have cake.

We then walked off our cream tea bellies and sauntered up the High Street. It kinda reminds me of a seaside town. You know the ones with little independent shops ran by like ONE person? There’s a lot of handmade stuff to buy and Ralph is a sucker for that sort of thing.

I, however, had one mission in mind. I am pretty sure Ralph was aware of this as he insisted we walk up both ends of the High Street in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION TO CATH KIDSTON!!! The monster. Meaning we went there last. Sad face.

Now then, I am partial to the odd Cath Kidston purchase. Anyone who follows me on Insta (as the kids are calling it) will know that I have been fangirling over their new collection. I’ve been stalking them waiting for a new pink leather bag that is meant to be coming out in the next few weeks. *Squeals* So, I had a good browse and came away with another pen to add to my collection.

We then decided it was about time for a pub garden. We found The Bear that boasts the largest pub garden in Marlborough on the outside. Sold.

We spent the best part of an hour just soaking in the sunshine and observing the different people in the pub garden. We discussed epic films and failures whilst I tried out my new pen.

What a beautiful day. See you soon Marlborough.




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