Swindon’s New Designer Store

Swindon’s New Designer Store

I don’t know about you, but I was beyond excited when Flannels opened in Swindon. It is long overdue for Swindon town centre to get an upgrade and some decent shopping.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my regular lunch time haunts such as Topshop, River Island and Debenhams, but I think Swindon has been missing something for a long time in terms of designer brands and treat items. Sometimes you want to splash out and treat yourself, and I don’t think Swindon has had a store like this since House of Fraser turned into an outlet (RIP)

When I heard about the brands that would be on sale in the store, I was a bit anxious over whether Swindonians would actually shop there. However in recent weeks I have spotted many a Michael Kors bag around Swindon. It was actually this fact that has led me on my crusade of getting a MK bag myself. It is like people are constantly reminding me to GET THE BAG!!! More on that later…

I was lucky enough to be shown around recently and the staff are just beyond helpful. Often when you find yourself in a luxury store such as this, the staff can have a kinda snobbish attitude and make you feel like an outsider for wandering into their shop. However the staff in Flannels were more than helpful. Special shout out to Yinehida who took the time to chat to me when I popped in this week. She also understood my inner mental debate over whether to get the bag I want in pink or brown. She understood my pain and sympathised with my dilemma. The struggle is real.

The store itself is clean and bright and colourful.. You have space to walk around and each designer brand is in its own section. The women’s sections are split into casual, shoes & bags and then high end fashion up the steps. The casual section boasts brands such as (to name a few) Armani Jeans and Polo Ralph Lauren , with the bags & shoes section spoiling us with Moschino, Jimmy Choo, Vivienne Westwood, Versace, Kenzo and of course, my love, Michael Kors.

The high end section has clothing collections including Moschino & Helmut Lang. With some beyond dreamy items to gaze at, including this dreamy AF cropped fur gilet. I had to tear myself away from just stroking at if I am honest.




As I was shown around (mentally making a Christmas list) I was found myself drawn to the handbags. Maybe it’s because I find myself in the market for a new bag, or maybe it is because they are displayed in a way that shows them off at their best. I think this is where the shop will do well. Many Swindonian women will pay out for a luxury bag.  A bag to a woman, is a precious thing. She will happily pay more for a luxury bag as it is a statement piece that can be played up or down, depending on the outfit. Bags too are a safe haven for a woman’s valuables. On any given day, a woman can have 50% of her make up collection all in her bag. We need to know that our MAC lipstick collection is being housed in comfort. So we treat ourselves. We read reviews and mentally picture ourselves using the bag until one day you just have to have it. At least this is what I go through everytime I see this baby…




I have been using a smaller bag for about 2 months now. And while the bag is obviously lighter, I find myself on a daily quest to fit everything in. Admittedly I might carry around too many lipsticks, but you never know when you might want to completely change your look for the day. This is why ^ this bag is a must. I have been looking for sometime and I am yet to find one that compares in my mind.

Anyway, I kinda drifted off there about bags…Back to the store…

I think this store will have a massive impact on Swindon shopping. This shop gives some people the exposure to some extraordinary brands. Brands they might not have heard of before unless they travel elsewhere for their shopping. It will give people the incentive to save up for that special purchase, as it is now so much more obtainable. OK, you can do internet shopping for these brands, however sometimes you just need to see the item. You want to stroke it and picture yourself wearing it. Nothing compares to being able to actually see the item up close before deciding on a purchase.

I am hoping the launch of this new shop will entice other brands to come (back) to Swindon. Once people see that Swindonians are smart sassy shoppers at Flannels, they will want to get in on the action.

With Christmas shopping soon approaching (OMG!) I think we will see a real surge in the purchases from designer brands. Swindon will just become a sea of Michael Kors bags and maybe, just maybe, I would have decided by then which bag to get…




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