September Faves

September Faves

Is anyone else secretly glad it is getting chillier? To me this means one thing- NEW COATS!! And yes I meant plural. You need a coat for all weathers.

I thought I would put together a collection of my favourites from September (so far!)…

Faux Fur Coat from Lavitta £80 shop here

I’ve always wanted a faux fur coat. To me, they just scream warmth whilst also adding a bit of glam. I find myself in London a lot for work and I always think everyone else dresses so much better than me in London. Now though (once it gets a little bit colder) I can strut down the street of London in confidence with my new banging faux fur coat. I will post pictures of me in the coat when, you know, it’s actually cold enough to wear it…



Topshop Mom Jeans £40 shop here  

I’ve finally embarked on the journey into Mom jeans and let me tell you, it is delightful. To wear jeans that are so comfy yet have a womanly feel to them, is a relief. Now that Autumn is (almost) here, I will no doubt start to put on weight for my winter hibernation and these will certainly help. I like to turn up the hems and wear a chunky belt to show I do actually have a waist somewhere in there…

River Island Leopard Print Plimsoles £22 shop here

Oh my. I can’t put into words how much I love these. I actually saw an Ugg pair for £100+ and was tempted to get them. Then I stumpled upon this pair on my regular lunch break browse and HELLO minutes later I was skipping out with them. I think they add a flare of colour and go do well with any jeans. Plus, where they are a more chunky trainer, they seem to make my thighs looks smaller so WIN!!

I had to go down a size whch like never happens to me. So definitely worth trying them on beforehand.



Benefit Rollerlash IN BROWN!!! £19.50 shop here

I have been stalking Benefit on Instagram for about 2 months when they announced they were doing this baby in brown. Their Rollerlash mascara does wonders for my otherwise limp lashes. The brown just suits my colouring more and add height and volume to lashes, without the overbearing black colour.

I’ve now got this in brown and black as I bought the black previously, so I’ll defo keep the black one for an evening look with more POW!

Bare Minerals Smoothing Face Brush £24.00 shop here

BM released this to go with the Complexion Rescue and it shows. It makes the foundation just glide on and you don’t seem to waste as much when applying.


Smashbox Baked Infusion Soft Lights Blush £23.00 shop here

I’ve never actually bought anything from Smashbox (sad face) until now (happy face). I just wanted something to add a splash of glow to my cheeks without being just one colour. Was wandering aimlessly through Boots when I eyed this chappy. It adds a very subtle colour without an over empowering beam of colour. I use my Mac Blusher Brush and swirl around all the colours before applying to the apples of my cheeks. LOVE this.

Essie Gel Couture in On The List £9.99 shop here

I went through a stage of like never painting my nails. But then my Mum’s birthday happened (blog post here) and I of course had to get them done for that. Ever since, I have been addicted to painting them again. Strange isn’t it?! I love this shade as it’s a mixture between pink and orange, so kinda coral I guess??? Anyhoo it’s lush. Go buy it immediately.

Clinique Moisture Surge £34 shop here

I’ve mentioned this before, but technically I bought this again in September, so is proper legit to include in this post…

This has saved my skin. Definitely. My skin was so dry before and my pores were like an orange peel. Eurgh. But now my skin is softer and pores are gradually getting smaller. Go me.

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue £27.00 shop here

Along with my use of the clinique MS mentioned above, this has been another game changer for my skin. It’s a mixture between a BB, CC cream and a tinted moisturiser. It gives medium like coverage without clogging your pores and is designed to hydrate the skin. Which it does. Defo.

Kenzo Amour £44.00 shop here

This is a floral smell with an added bit of sweetness to it. Difficult to describe perfumes on text I find. It makes me feel happy when I apply it so there’s that I suppose…




Redken All Soft Shampoo (shop here) and conditioner (shop here)

I get a lot of people asking how I get my hair so shiny. It’s all down to Redken. It’s slightly more expensive than your regular shampoo and conditioner, but it is worth every penny. I notice the difference if I use something else now.

I leave the conditioner on while I wash the rest of me in the shower. Little tip from me to you there.




Mango T Shirt £17.99 shop here

My outfit of choice at the moment is Mom Jeans, Mango White T Shirt, Baggy Black Cardi and Leopard trainers. I might just wear this for the rest of my life. No more shopping needed ever. I am done. Oh well, except for this next item….

River Island Camo T Shirt £16.00 shop here

Didn’t camo come in fashion in like 2006 or something? I didn’t hop on the bandwagon then, but I have pretty much polevaulted on it now.

This little number is a tighter fit from River Island, but I like the print because it adds a slight bit of grunge whilst also being a flattering fit. Team it up with Mom Jeans and a biker jacket.


Let me know if you buy any of these babies



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