A Nice Little Long Weekend In Brighton

A Nice Little Long Weekend In Brighton

Oh Brighton, you sexy thing you….

I am writing this as my bathroom is being done up and I have men up and downstairs who constantly want tea and biscuits. A stark contrast to my time in Brighton and nothing like a big old shock to the system to bring you back down to earth.

Chapter One- The Hotel

img_1477 img_1478

Ralph and I spent 4 nights in a hotel called Nineteen that was pretty much on the sea front. If we tilted our heads slightly we could kinda see the sea. The hotel was nice and was great for being so near everything, however we were near EVERYTHING. Including pubs and shops. So we got some noise, especially at night. This didn’t bother me so much as I will pretty much sleep through anything, but Ralph commented on it, so there, I’ve included this for Ralph.

As I said, the hotel was lovely, apart from the fact we only had 2 elec sockets in the room and the iron & ironing board was shared by everyone and Ralph had to fetch it everyday. I have a phone, apple watch and an ecig that need charging everyday, so yeah maybe a few more elecy sockets wouldn’t go amiss.

I must also mention the strange situation around teas and coffees. We were told just to go downstairs and help ourselves. Now I expected it to be sachets and little packets of coffee left out in a lovely room for all the guests to use, but nope. It was their actual kitchen. We went downstairs for teas once on our first night, and had to shuffle our way past the owner who was cooking his tea. Slightly weird.

Chapter Two- The Shopping

Oh how naive I was to not take enough money with me. Perhaps I was slightly scarred from last year’s trip to Torquay where the shopping was a bit meh. But the shopping in Brighton is immense. It’s a city that just happens to be on the seafront. So you’ve got all your major shops plus some lush little unique shops.

The shops are kinda split into two- the main shopping then The Lanes. The latter being these tiny cobbled streets that wind around and surprise you with a few more hidden streets. Think Diagon Alley in Harry Potter. They had some well known shops mixed in with local talent offering random selections of gifts, clothes and homeware stuff. At no point did I feel as if I was in the naff seaside shopping element at all (do people still say naff?!). Plus I loved the feeling of kinda being lost in The Lanes. We did go around in circles a few times. One street (Dukes Lane) was just heaven for me, it had Jo Malone, Bare Minerals, Ted Baker, Oasis, Kiehl and more that I can’t remember.


It was here that I sniffed my first sniff of Jo Malone stuff, ever!! I’ve heard so much about the brand but I am a bit funny with perfumes and obviously like to sniff before I purchase. I’m going to do a true blogger cliche and get myself the Peony and Blush Suede when I get paid next week.

I also purchased this lovely trinket dish from Oilver Bonas (shop here) and this notepad from a local comic shop.

img_1483 img_1490

Then there was a little selection of shops along East Street that housed Bobbi Brown, MAC, Jack Wills, Hobbs & French Connection.

I had never tried any Bobbi Brown stuff before, so I wandered in and the staff were so helpful there. The lady that served me was so helpful that I ended up popping back in to get one more item after my initial blowout. When I registered at the till and I gave my Swindon postcode, she almost had a fit as she too was from Swindon. Why do we do that thing of when we see someone from home we explode with excitement?! As if no-one else has come from Swindon…

Anyway I came away with these 3 babies from Bobbi Brown:


img_1486 img_1487 img_1488

From top to bottom we have:

Metallic Eye Shadow in Velvet Plum shop here. This is lush for an eveing smokey eye.

Nude Finish Illuminating Powder shop here. Been told to dust this all over my face where I suffer with oil. I did this everyday after purchasing it and with our long walks around Brighton, my face looked soooooo much better.

Highlighting Powder shop here. Use this just on the tops of your cheeks and the bridge of your nose.

There is also the main shopping centre called Churchill Square that houses your normal high street retailers. I found myself drawn to Accesorize as I am loving their jewellery range right now. I treated myself to a stacking ring set in rose gold that is a mixture of sizes so you can wear on the ends of your fingers (what exactly is that bit called?!)



Shop here


Chapter 3- The Food & Drink

I’m just going to let the pictures do the talking here…

Brighton was totally full of places to eat. I even tried Thai would you believe?!

Our last night was a blow out at The Grand where I had a Lobster Burger and a custard pudding with a macaroon in it. Sadly I did not take pictures as I was feeling a little consumed by alcohol at this point…




Feeling slightly bungalowed after cocktails


Chapter 4- Final Verdict

Brighton was lovely. It had a city vibe right next to the seaside. So you can have all the usual seaside type things, whilst also knowing that a GBK was just around the corner!!!

I would totally go again, but by the last day we were kinda short of stuff to do. That might be to do with the fact that Ralph had parked his car on the street and we didn’t want to move it all weekend, so couldn’t go anywhere by car. But Brighton would be perfect for those that want to shop, have plenty to eat then go for a stroll on the seafront.


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