Jo’s Lipstick Collection

Jo’s Lipstick Collection

My lipstick addiction started with one day I happened upon the Mac Store in House of Fraser, Reading. I had never worn lipstick before as I felt my lips were too thin. I then tried on a bold red lip and POW I was sold.

I was always told I was too pale for a bold red lip, but the Mac lady assured me a red lip suits EVERYONE. Yes everyone. Even you my little cherub.

So I thought I would do a post just showing all my favourite lipsticks so you can see how they look like on pale old me and see if they would suit you too? Enjoy.

PS I was squinting in the light and by the end my lips were very sore. SO yeah, soz about that…

Benefit Posie Balm. My go to for a pretty pink lip. The colour is very sheer, so suits a daytime thang..

img_1353 img_1360


Mac Morange – an orange/red. One best saved for an evening me thinks.


img_1362 img_1367


Mac Please Me– purple/pink


img_1370 img_1372


Mac Honeylove– a lush nude shade. As I have quite dry lips, I like to apply lipbalm on top. I find this helps it stay put longer and my lips don’t feel like sawdust. I really need to look after my lips more…


img_1373 img_1378


Benefit Dandelion Lip Balm– a very sheer coverage but a creamy texture. Matches their dandelion blusher. That I also have. Of course.

img_1379 img_1381


Mac Creemsheen Glass Floating Lotus– a creamy texture with a bit more colour than Benefit Dandelion


img_1382 img_1383


NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Abu Dhabi– not as matte as you might think. A very nice darker nude shade for daytime. The creamer texture mixed with the matte finish have me ADDICTED to them at the moment. If it wasn’t for the fact my lips were getting sore at the end of this post, I would have included more of NYX Lip Creams. Much love.

img_1385 img_1386 img_1391


Mac Ellie Goulding Plushglass Lipgloss– a very glossy texture that makes your lips stand out

img_1392 img_1394


Benefit Hoola Lipbalm– similar to the Dandelion but a slightly darker tone.

img_1395 img_1398

Let me know your favourites



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