Things I Miss About Home When I’m Away

Things I Miss About Home When I’m Away

Now I love getting away for a break from the day to day. I love seeing new places and just relaxing. However I often find myself getting homesick by about day 3. I try to not let it ruin my holiday, but I do have this niggling in the back of my head of the things I miss. Ralph and I are both homebodies and prefer to be at home over anything else. It’s taken me a long time to realise that there is nothing wrong with this. Some friends revel in constant travel and being somewhere new, however I like my creature comforts and I am a creature of habit. So there.

Anyhoo, I thought I would put together a little list of the things I miss most:

  1. Number one obviously has to be my cats. When I went to Brighton, my dad was completely re-doing my bathroom. Which meant a lot of people in and out of the house. My cats don’t go out and I constantly have a mild panic about someone accidentally letting them out. I mean, if someone were to leave a door open, I’d imagine the cats would just sit there and stare at the outside abyss like WTF is that out there?!?!? So yeah, for the first time ever I put my babies in a cattery, insert all the sad emojis. I left them with Sue who grooms Lucy every month. I had total trust in Sue that she would look after my babies, but I arrived on the day a sobbing wet mess. It turns out that Lucy coped fine, however Teddy was put out about the whole thing and didn’t really relax for another day when we got home.
  2. My bed. Nothing in the world is comfier than your own bed. I like 3 plumped up pillows to sleep on and I rarely get that when I stay anywhere else. In Brighton I used one of the decorative cushions as my 3rd pillow and ended up with pattern marks on my face each morning. Fit. I also missed having a cat sleeping on me somewhere….
  3. My dressing table. When I decorated my bedroom, I always wanted a dressing table. Before this I had a mirror on the floor with my make-up sort of scattered about the place. With my dressing table, I have 2 mirrors from different angles and enough drawer space to house my every growing make-up collection. I like to be able to have everything close to hand and be able to put everything away.
  4. My sofa. Now this is a strange one. It’s not the actual sofa I miss, but the fact I am on the sofa- does that make sense? When I am away and my feet are hurting from constant walking about, I often miss just sitting down on my sofa. With my cats. And my Ralph.
  5. Sky TV. Not a major one, but one to mention. I like my films and my tv shows. I hate missing something when I am away. I know I can sky record and all that but I sometimes miss being able to watch stuff live. Plus, if you’ve read my blog post about how much I watch the same films over and over (click here) then you’ll understand how I can miss certain films. Especially when going to sleep with The Martian or Interstellar playing….
  6. My nephew. A recent addition to this sort of list. But I found myself thinking of Henry whenever I saw a little kid chuckle or say something cute. Henry is growing in everyway and I always want to be around to see his new latest thing (it’s puzzles right now FYI) and I missed one week when I was away and now another week as I’ve got works happening in my bathroom.


I’ve just realised I have made myself sound like a granny in this post. I really am young(ish) still, honestly!!! I’m not constantly tied to my sofa you know.

Sometimes it is good to appreciate the little things you have at home and to not take them for granted.

Now where’s my slippers and tea…..


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