Sherlock- The Six Thatchers- First Trailer and Thoughts

Sherlock- The Six Thatchers- First Trailer and Thoughts

OMG the first advert came on after bake off. Was not expecting this, though now I type this I seem to remember the same thing last year????!!!

Anyhoo you can imagine I screamed at Ralph as he was about to turn it over. To think, I ALMOST MISSED IT!!!!

Sooooooo, just thought I would jot down my thoughts on what’s in store for 1/1/17….

Doesn’t contain spoilers as such, but my own opinions. 

Moriarty- is he still alive? Personally I think not, as the last episode – The Abominable Bride- seemed to spend a whole episode debunking this theory. BUT then woah who is that walking with his back to us in the trailer?! Looks suspiciously like Moriarty to me. So now I just don’t know what to believe. Could be a clip of Sherlock’s Mind Palace much like that fantastic scene from His Last Vow where he confronts Moriarty in his mind. 

Who does Toby Jones play? Now I’ve done my fair bit of Sherlock homework. Mainly at school I grant you but still, homework. Literally. But I have no idea who he is playing. All I can gather is he has come to Sherlock Land to wreak havoc along with that maniacal laugh we heard today. He looks proper evil and it looks like Sherlock is quite familiar with him already. I don’t think he is connected to Moriarty, but is using him as a cover for his evil plan. 
A recent interview with BC himself said that this is not goodbye to the series, but..

 It goes to a place where it will be pretty hard to follow on immediately

So what does this mean for Sherlock? The trailer goes to lengths to show Sherlock at his worst. We see images of an unshaven, shoddy looking Sherlock clearly in shock at something. So could the writers have been so bold to do something drastic to one of the main characters? Possibly kill one of them off? Or perhaps Toby Jones makes Sherlock do something against his better judgement. 

Personally I don’t think they would kill off Sherlock or Watson. Sherlock’s died already for god’s sake! And to kill off Watson just removes the dynamic around which the show is built. Season One Episode One is all about the unusual relationship between the two. And it’s their on-going unconventional but deep friendship that the show has focused on ever since. 

Mary- we see a brief glimpse of her holding a gun and in disguise. Has she gone back to her old ways? 

My favourite bits from the trailer

  • Lots of active fighting scenes. Hmmm flexing Cumberbatch
  • Mrs Hudson telling Mycroft “Get out of my house you reptile”
  • Sherlock at his best telling Mycroft to keep him informed. “Of what?” Mycroft asks. “Absolutely no idea”- Sherlock. 

I’m sure theories will be bouncing around the interwebs from now until 1/1/17. So like the true Sherlock fan I am, I’m going to go and join in with them. 


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