Doctor Strange Review

Doctor Strange Review

Why is it that you wait for one Cumberbatch, then two come along at the same time??

So I finally got to see Doctor Strange this weekend after months of dribbling over trailers.


We went to the cinema Sunday evening. After mum cooked everyone a Sunday Roast. And we had 2 puddings each. Not a smart move. But my mum’s mincemeat pie is THE BEST and I also tried the strange chocolate orange thing that Ralph bought which was just a bit meh and took up valuable space in my tummy that could have otherwise have been reserved for more mincemeat pie and custard.


Anyhoo, the film.


I was a little concerned that with all the magic and sorcery, the acting would be a bit like the Harry Potter child actors from the first film. All a bit OTT whilst pretending to be amazed by magic that obvs isn’t there and all a bit wooden. But fear not my fellow Cumberbatch lovers, the acting is fine.


BC even manages to pull off a convincing American accent. I think young Benny could literally talk in gobbledegook and I would still be there waving my little “I Heart You” flag, but the accent was good. Put it this way, Ralph hasn’t used this as ammunition in his daily “Cumberbatch has a wonky face” insult, so there you go.




The film is an origins story, so the plot really concentrates on this. I felt the beginning with the car crash and the injury was a tad rushed, but then this left more time to concentrate on magic and stroky beard posing, so who am I to judge?


You are shown a very obnoxious Steven Strange. A magnificent brain surgeon who’s confidence grows with every successful op. He is cocky to his girlfriend and thrives on attention. No sooner have you become attached to this suave version of Cumberbatch, than he is racing along in his sports car. Call me Sherlock but I suspected a crash. I know, I know, I am a genius.


The crash was actually superb. Like the car pretty much tumbled down the cliff hitting every obstacle like a pinball machine. It was just missing the little *ping* sound. If you like cars and stuff, you’ll probably love this scene.


Sooooo then we are treated to a montage of the arrogant Strange refusing to accept this his injuries have rendered him unable to perform surgeries again. He tries endless procedures until he runs out of money and options.


Just like anyone else would do in this position, you remember some random bloke who miraculously overcome his injuries and seek to track him down. Lo and behold, this man sought treatment from some spiritual guru in Kathmandu, so Strange follows suit. Yeah, I thought this was a bit thin plot-wise too, but hey ho, it got him from A to B….


We are then treated to straggly beard Cumberbatch and endless shots of him looking lost and bewildered as Strange tries to find this mysterious healer.


At first he is not accepted by the Ancient One for being too arrogant and refusing to believe the spiritual possibilities. But then WOAH she changes her mind and they set to work to train this obnoxious beast into the calm, spiritual being that he should be.


The film has some subtle humour to it. The humour is quite dry and very much my cup of tea. I won’t ruin the few jokes for you as I believe they are very well timed. They’re not like “BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH” funny, more like “hee hee that’s cute” funny. For a subject matter that could be quite dark, I thought it was a much needed break from magic and fables and dark beings coming to take over the world….. Ooooh, plot point.


As I mentioned earlier, the film concentrates on the origin of Strange. There IS a baddie who wants to fuck shit up and all that, but the attention is very much drawn to how Strange grows as a Sorcerer and becomes more aware of “how awful he used to be” and how he rectifies that.


Just as a side note, when films have people like Strange criticized for being materialistic, I just sit there awkwardly stroking my new bag, checking my iPhone and wrapping myself in my new favourite cardi. Are they referring to me?! I would totally have a good origins story. Although, I would refuse to give up my possessions for magic. Although, magic could MAKE new possessions…… Interesting….


Anyhoo, back to the film.


As a final summary, I would give the film a solid 8/10. The acting wasn’t wooden, BC played obnoxious very well, the supporting cast were VERY ummmmm, supporting and we get to see Benny with his shirt off.


Go see it now.

Ps stay for the first credit scene, but the last one isn’t worth the wait….


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