Why Aren’t We Happy With What We’ve Got?

Why Aren’t We Happy With What We’ve Got?

Now I am known for my love of shopping. Ralph often comments that new purchases will end up thrown in the cupboard a month later and lately, I have started to think he might be right.

I love the feeling of spotting something new and the excitement of waiting to purchase it. I do most of my shopping online, so I have that exciting period of up to a week waiting for it to arrive. I think of pretty much nothing else. If I get it delivered to my mum’s, I HAVE to pick it up that day. Is the anticipation better than the product itself?

Lately, I purchased a new cardigan.  Now I love me a new cardigan, especially in the colder months. It reminds me of snuggling up. I wear them to work to just get a bit of familiarity to home. When it arrived, it was far too big, so I took it back to the store to exchange for a smaller (wahoo!!) size. I was so excited to get one that fit. I exchanged it in store, no problem. Then, I kid you not, I was sat in my brand new cardigan looking up NEW CARDIGANS online!!! WTF brain, why do you do this to me?

On my new adventures into blogging, I find myself looking to other successful bloggers for inspiration. I follow their blogs, Instagram and Youtube Vlogs where I am surrounded my “New Haul” and “20 essential Autumn pieces YOU MUST HAVE”.

Now I don’t want to say everything is, but a lot of what they show are PR samples that are sent for free. So muggles like us see these products and have to fork out much dollar for these products, just to be like them.

I have two bloggers who I just love at the moment. I love their looks, their writing and following their day to day lives. Once they show a new product, be it make-up or clothes, I find myself thinking “If I get this, I will be JUST like them”, to find that it often doesn’t suit me and it doesn’t quite live up to the anticipation.

Why don’t I just stick to stuff I want/need?

Gone are the days where you could effectively hide from new products. Unless you went into the shop or got sent a catalogue, you just wouldn’t know about them. Now, we have Instagram and Twitter constantly shoving new products down our throats. And with Instagram especially, they make the stuff look sooooooo pretty, you want to have it.

This has been something I have been thinking about for some time. Bloggers do flat lays on Instagram that make stuff like make-up look so appealing. So what if, instead of getting new stuff, I just stuck to what I have and made that look pretty? I have some pretty cool stuff that most people would love to have. Why cant I just appreciate what I have and be done with it?

Now I don’t want this to sound all negative and like “I’m never shopping again”, because that so isn’t going to happen. I will always be a shopper. Whilst it is obvs much more sensible to save money and all that, a big part of me sticks to the mantra of you can’t take it with you. 

If new stuff makes you happy, you stick to that. If you get something new and are rushing home to open it and try it out, you do that. But every so often, look back at your purchases from about a month ago and think “Was that worth the hype and money?”

From now on, I’m going to give more thought to my shopping. When buying clothes I’m going to give more thought to the overall outfit and will it suit me? Make-up will be a more thought out process. A considered purchase.

Ralph told me about a bloke that did an experiment. He put everything he owned into boxes as if he was moving house. He then only took stuff out the boxes if he needed it. Over a month he found that he only took key items out of the boxes like toothbrush and other day to day essentials.

I don’t want to love like a monk with just my toothbrush to my name, but it got me thinking about some of my make-up and something I found myself doing. I will keep make-up out on my dressing table to remind me to use it. How weird is that? Instead of putting it away in a drawer, I would have to remind myself to use it!! This may be true of some items like party eye shadow for an evening look, but I would do this for key items. Surely if I needed it, I wouldn’t have to remind myself???


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