How Does Autumn Affect My Mood?

How Does Autumn Affect My Mood?

Hey guys. I’m typing this from the Mini garage in Swindon whilst my mini is being looked after. i decided to just sit and wait for it to be done rather than nagging someone for a lift home. So I am set up with my MacBook and enough coffee to make me sprint around the showroom. Also, they have a tv now which is awesome. It was left on Scooby Doo and the guy just ASSUMED I would want to turn it over!?! Ummm nope, leave that on please. Thank you.

Anyhoo, the colder weather has well and truly set in now. My beloved parka has made a comeback into my everyday wardrobe. Like, does a parka ever NOT go with anything?? The answer is nope.

I wanted to write a little about how the colder/darker weather affects my moods. Do I have SAD? Or am I just looking for something to blame my moods on? Does it matter? And how do I try to improve on this?

Now I am not a sun worshipper. I don’t spend the whole of the summer sunbathing. In fact, I spend most of it in the shade. But I LOVE the sunshine, the brightness and how everything just seems so much more pretty and chirpy. I like being able to just step out in a top and a cardigan if needed.

In the colder months, everything takes more effort. A simple trip to the shops involves many layers. Driving is a pain in the arse. It’s cold, so I put on my big coat, but then struggle to drive dressed like the Michelin man. So I end up waiting for the car to heat up, then take off my coat, which takes ages in a little mini. Love you Mini really.

Going clothes shopping??? Ugggggghhhhhh, no I do not want to remove my 18 layers of clothes each time I want to try something on. Is it just me or does everyone just end up a sweaty mess after this????

You also get the age old row at work about the heating. There will always be that one person who still wants the air-con on. Why???? And you’ll get people who insist on doing exercise on their lunch breaks and then come back surprised it’s hot in the office??? So I never know what to wear to work anymore. I should just leave my entire wardrobe at work, just in case.

Mornings. Uhhh. I am not a morning person anyway, even in Summer. But I wake up much more chipper when I can see a lush blue sky through my bedroom blinds than a dark mass of greyness that seems to last from November – February. How am I expected to get up for work when it still looks like nighttime outside??? Why can’t I just sleep in until 10am, why???!!

So you can see why I struggle with the colder months. I have noticed my mood has declined somewhat recently. Have I just diagnosed myself with SAD or am I just like everyone else who just prefers a brighter day? The answer is it doesn’t matter what you label it as, it’s how you choose to deal with it. I could just sit back and say “I’ve got SAD and I’m going to sit like Grumpy Cat until February” OR I can tackle it head on.


Hygge has been all over the blogosphere since September, with many people citing it as their new way of life.

From what I know so far, it is about celebrating the little details that make every day so beautiful. So making a cup of tea in a special china cup. Using your best candles to create a snuggly atmosphere. Taking the time to cook a lovely meal and enjoy the process of cooking and both eating.

Hygge is a Danish way of life. The Danes are often cited as the happiest nation on earth and with good reason, they take the time to enjoy life’s little moments and make the best of (what we would consider) everyday chores.

This is about as much as I know at this point, but just that little snippet has grabbed me. Hell yeah to making the best of cosy nights in with Ralph and making them a thing to look forward to and treasure. Like everyone, we spend more time in in Autumn/Winter, so to adopt a philosophy that embraces this is right up my street.

I’m going to get the book that everyone else has bought at the moment and try my best to adopt Hygge where I can. To embrace the colder/darker days as a thing to look forward to instead of dreading.

Already after just typing this I feel more upbeat. Yes to cosy evenings in wrapping up warm. Yes to whacking the heating up and yes to that extra throw on the bed please.

If you would like to know more about Hygge, get the book from Amazon. There are several to choose from and I would highly recommend you give it a read and see where this can help you feel your snazzier glittery self more often.


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