Sherlock – The Lying Detective

Sherlock – The Lying Detective

I’m never quite sure how to start this sort of thing off apart from “heeeeyyyyy so that was good wasn’t it?!” 

If you’re anything like me, then you’re still recovering from an episode full of emotion, turmoil and twists. Oh the twists! So many…. Spoilers from here on out. You have been warned..


I was most impressed with perhaps the last 20 minutes, this is where everything seemed to come together and felt very “Sherlocky”. This is where we saw Sherlock come back and be the Sherlock we all love.


That said though, I am quite fond of “Off His Tits Sherlock” too. I really believed he was messed up and beyond saving. I even had thoughts of maybe this will be the last series?!?! Nooooooo.


Did you also just secretly hope that maybe Mary wasn’t dead? When we first saw John speaking to Mary I do admit my heart was hoping for her to be alive, though there is only so much bringing back from the dead one show can do tbh. More on that later…


My favourite bits to name a few are:


· Mrs Hudson being a total badass. That car! Oh and the totally being a boss of her own house and all that. She really shone through for me in this episode.

· Of His Tits Sherlock. I feared for his health, but he was pretty hilarious.

· Sherlock predicting where everyone would be in 2 weeks’ time. This was almost an in-joke to the writers themselves in a way. You knew John would call Molly and the predictability of this was done tongue in cheek with Sherlock’s planning. It was at this point I thought maybe Sherlock isn’t as messed up as he looks? Hooray!!

· Culverton Smith was repulsive, as he should be. You could see this in John’s face that he hated him even after only meeting him for a few minutes. It’s very hard for a villain to be repulsive without overacting, but hats off to Toby Jones for this one, you disgusting thing you (only kidding, much love to TJ)

· The inclusion of Mary into the episode. Superb acting from both here and I felt their scenes together were very moving.

· The return (kinda) of The Woman. I was about to jump out my seat when THAT text alert went off. Obviously we all knew she was still alive after Sherlock saved her, but there’s been little to no mention of her since that episode. Glad to see that Sherlock has a human side and probably still has feelings for her. Nawww.

· The end scene with Sherlock, John and Mary. I cried. Loads. This scene had a more slower and softer touch to it compared to the rest of the episode. John’s heart breaking confession to Mary along with him breaking down and Sherlock comforting him in a way reserved solely for John. Awww. *sobs*

· OMFG Sherrinford is a girl! Some people think she is a 4th sibling, but I need to watch the episode again to see if this could be true or not. But still in shock at that one. We had all been speculating for some time over who would play the 3rd brother, yet no-one thought it be a SISTER! Ahhhhhh!

· Moriarty – is he dead? Or did he put plans in motion before his death? As mentioned earlier, I believe there is only so much bringing-back-from-the-dead one show can do (apart from Walking Dead I suppose…) but the Sister said a “mutual friend” put them in touch so we shall see. Plus her note had “Miss Me” all over it…

· The gun-shot – WTF is up with that?! And to make us wait a week to see if John is alright is beyond cruel. Will Sherlock have seen the game is on and save John? Does he know about his sister? So many questions…


I can’t wait for Sunday’s episode, however it will be a bitter sweet ending, as we know this is the last one for a while. Major sad emoji. I guess I will have to occupy myself by watching the latest episodes on repeat. Forever.




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