My Honest Review: The Mulberry Bayswater

My Honest Review: The Mulberry Bayswater

So this is my new baby. I have been lusting over her for about 5 months.

To be honest, I’d never considered a Mulberry bag before, so this wasn’t a lifelong desire I’ve had. I first noticed the Bayswater when a few bloggers I follow received a bunch of free ones to go alongside Mulberry’s new campaign of updated Bayswater. I liked the new one, and I secretly felt soooooo jealous of the bloggers receiving these for free (read: super jealous and dumbfounded that Mulberry were giving away free handbags and WHY CAN’T I GET FREE MULBERRY HANDBAGS!!!?!!)

So I found myself checking out Mulberry’s bags online. Looking mainly at the new Bayswater. I checked out Youtube reviews about size and weight and how to carry. I was not sold. You could only carry my one in the crook of your arm, or with the cross body strap. I wanted one to go on my shoulder. I like a summer bag to go on my shoulder, as I can’t stand cross body bags digging into my tops and pinching into my boobs. Nope.

Whilst checking out Youtube reviews, I stumbled upon the lovely Alice Chidgey and her regular updates on her old style Bayswater. You can check them out here. She posted videos soon after buying, a year later and then 3 years later. I instantly fell in love. I loved the old look of the bag and how it aged. It kinda reminded me of the old school doctor’s bags AND I CAN WEAR ON MY SHOULDER, HOORAH!

Honestly, Alice’s review sold it to me. I think we are very much alike in that she wasn’t going to be too precious about the bag, but still adore it and use it as it should be used.

I felt I needed a bigger bag for work. I’m one of those people that likes to take everything with me everywhere. I had been using smaller cross body bags for sometime and gradually built up a pile of random objects in my kitchen I like to call “handbag rejects”. I missed being able to take my random belongings with me and most of all, I lacked a smart big bag for work meetings. I often have to take reports and things with me to meetings, so would end up taking a separate bag for them (what?! just call me the bag lady)

I love brown bags. Well brown anything when it comes to accessorise really. I will always go for a brown leather jacket vs a black one. So this bag felt right for me. So the purchase was made….

So now to the review.

The leather is like no other. When I first opened it the smell hit me straight away. The leather is soft and supple and smooth to the touch. Note, that the leather on this bag is not as grainy as the new Bayswater in brown. I thought that looked a bit too grainy for me. The leather on my baby is soft and floppy. Side note, I’m sure Mr Mulberry when setting up his business could only dream of one day having someone refer to his products as floppy. As does everyone.

Moving On.

The bag fits everything I could need. I have not yet taken to a meeting, but I have one in London next week, so I look forward to taking her to the big smoke then. I’ll be able to blend in with all the other Londoners attending meetings with their gorgeous bags (cos that’s what all Londoners do, obvs)

I do wear the bag mainly on my shoulder. The straps are stiff, and it is a tight fit to wear this way. Probably not the best bag with a winter coat. Sometimes I end up with just one strap on my shoulder, but I find this hurts after a little while. Sad face indeed.

But with just a top on or a cardigan, it’s a great fit. The bag is heavy too, and that’s with nothing in it.

Put the couple of cons to one side, the bag is gorgeous. I think I made the right choice with this style of Bayswater. It’s a classic and will never go out of style. It’s simple and elegant.


This is the sort of bag that will look better with age. The tan colour over time will look stunning in a used, but loved way.

This is my first ever designer bag purchase. I’m so glad I made the decision to purchase this bag, however I fear this has now opened up a whole other world of designer bag purchases….

To be continued…?


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