The Fathers Day Blog Post I’ve Wanted To Write All Week….

The Fathers Day Blog Post I’ve Wanted To Write All Week….

Last week, Ralph said something that got me thinking. We were talking about what to get my dad for Father’s Day and he said “Do Dads think they have to try harder than mums?” and it got me thinking of all things “Dad”.

I guess that with Mums, the bond is already there. The baby knows her already, he’s been living inside her for 9 months and instinctively knows who their mum is. With dads, I guess they feel they have to try a little harder to prove themselves in a way. They feel like they have to almost introduce themselves and build a relationship from day 1, whereas the mum has got a 9 month head start.

I’ve seen my nephew when he has had a tummy bug, and when he wasn’t well he naturally called for his mummy (this melted my heart by the way). Babies and toddlers want their mums, by default. When would they shout out for their dad? Well this got me thinking about my relationship with my own dad and the qualities in our own relationship(to name but a few):

Spiderman (Superhero) – when I lived at home, if an arachnid found its way into my bedroom, Dad would be my first port of call. He would spend an age catching the spider for me. On rare occasions though, he would pretend to catch it just so he could go back to bed, and I would see the same damn spider minutes later and shout expletives at my dad. Also, when I was younger, he told me spiders don’t like beds (I assume in a desperate bid to avoid asking him to strip search the bed every night). I believed him right up until I was 21 and I saw one just right in the middle of my bed. I felt BETRAYED!!! I confronted him about it, and he was shocked I believed him….

DIY Pro– For those of you that don’t know, my dad is a painter & decorator, so naturally has all sorts of skills that make me sit back in awe. He could do a room from scratch and often laughs when I lack the basic knowledge. I’m not being funny, with a dad as a painter & decorator, I don’t need the knowledge, dad. I have you. No I don’t know the difference between gloss & regular paint and yes, that thing in my bathroom is a sink, not a basin, stop correcting me.

Tech Loser – probably a harsh title, but one that leaps to mind here. I believe every family member has their designated skill set. You know the thing that you become known for and often asked for help on. Mine would be tech extraordinaire (a slightly grand title and I am sticking with it). Whenever my dad acquires a new phone, or car or anything remotely resembling tech, I get a phonecall. It is up to me to install/fix/update/restart all tech within the Reynolds family home. It is then up to me to explain how to use said tech to my dad. No small task I tell ya. Although I take pride in the fact that dad can now send picture messages via text. You rock, Dad.

Car Mechanic – Now my dad is no expert, but I know full well, should I break down and be stranded, my Dad would drive for hours to help me out. Awww, isn’t that sweet?? Yeah, but this is followed by the inevitable lecture about car maintenance etc. See next point…

Lecture Provider – Should I do something a little bit forgetful, or clumsy, or haphazard, I wait for the stern look on my Dad’s face, and know a good-old-fashioned-dad-lecture is a-happening. These little delights can range from car maintenance to house cleanliness. In case you are not sure, a good way to tell if a dad-lecture is happening is if you see a finger being pointed and he uses my full name…*shouts* ”JOANNE!!!!”. I like to diffuse the situation by either shouting “baaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh” in v General Melchitt style or silently nodding along until it looks like he’s stopped talking. This definitely does not wind him up more.

Nickname Generator – with a name like Joanne, there is much potential here for nicknames. I can’t tell you the horror I experienced when one of my friends called the home landline when I was a teenager and when my dad answered, screamed up to me “JOEY, GEMMA IS ON THE PHONE”. I stomped downstairs with a scrunched up bull-dog-face. My dad knew he had done wrong here. But now, I like the nicknames. They include, Jo, Jo-Bo, Joey & Jo-Jo to name a few. And I am not ashamed. As I mentioned above, should Dad ever use my full name, I’m in trouble.

Pro-Athlete – You could always count on Dad to play. On holiday we would have a v competitive championship of bat-and-ball. A court would be drawn up. Rules would be set. Cheating was frowned upon. And no quarter was given to the 7 year old scrawny daughter… I like this. It made me competitive. It’s made me fight harder. It’s also made me a sore loser, which again I welcome. It’s made me work that bit harder in general in life. Just a side note, I haven’t played a good game of bat-and-ball with Dad for years. Could I at last beat him now that he is older????? Stay tuned….

Only Fools & Horses – I couldn’t possibly do a blog post about my dad without mentioning Only Fools. My Dad is encyclopaedic on all things OFAH. Whenever and wherever possible, a Del-Boy quote will find its way into any conversation. The show is also on 24 hrs a day in the Reynolds abode. Such joy.

Solid Advice– you can always rely on dad for simple and to-the-point pieces of advice. Such nuggets as “Honesty is the best policy” leap to mind. Plus, there are certain things that only my dad can comfort me on. Stuff my dad has been through and he always take the time to listen and comfort.

So thank you for reading about my dadisms. I hope you can find stuff above that you can relate to about your own dads.

Whilst I have been making light of a few of my dad’s qualities, it is all done in jest. My dad is a legend. That is all.


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