Friday Favourites 30th June 2017

Friday Favourites 30th June 2017

I’m writing this after having baked Banana Bread for a Macmillan Coffee morning tommorrow and man, it’s so hard not to eat it. Though I did pretty much lick the bowl clean. I feel kinda sick now if I’m honest. What is the social etiquette for turning up to a charity cake thing having eaten half the cake? I’ll look it up…

So I’d thought I would share a handful of my favourite things from the week just gone. It’s been a very sleepy week for me. After the monstrous heatwave we had last week, I think my body has just been wanting to catch up on sleep. So whilst I might have spent more than my average sleeping, I still managed to find some corkers to share with you, you know, in the few hours I was awake…

Look Magazine

Oh sweet Jesus this magazine is right up my street. I’ve never purchased it before, but I’ve bought it 2 weeks in a row (note, that I don’t know how often they’re published, I just bought 2 lots so far. I should have just said that. Moving on)

It highlights the current trends and sale buys in a very “wham bam there is it, take it or leave it” kinda fashion. And I like that.

It shows the best of New In items for many high street shops, which saves me the hassle of scrolling through (LIE I still look) and also does a real cute thing of showing you designer dupes and properly enabling me to buy them. Talking about you, Red Mango bag.

Anyhoo, I’m probably gonna subscribe for the annual thing. There’s just something about reading a magazine again that fills me with teenage glee. Not you though, avid blog reader.  You stay right where you are…

Sunglasses shop here

Found these babies in Topshop. I think the classic shape just suits me better than the more on trend round ones. Though I am still looking out for a lush pink pair. If you see a nice pair please let me know.

Stripe Trousers (sold out online but similar here)

These are from River Island. I really wanted something that would just make a change from jeans. Something I could wear with a plain black top without looking too meh. They are cropped, but cropped for regular height people. On me they’re the perfect slightly cropped length. Score.

Essie Nail Varnish in Splash Of Grenadine shop here

I’ve always stayed well away from purple nail varnishes. I find them either too pale or too lilac-ie. However this shade is the perfect balance. A great summer shade that pretty much goes with my entire wardrobe.


Bra Adjusters shop here

Right, firstly I don’t actually know what these are called. I asked the lady in M&S for bra adjuster thingys and she seemed to know what I meant. These have been a god-send as my current bras are starting to dig in at the sides. I get to the evening and I’m in so much pain I just have to take it off. Ralph, in a very Ralphlike way, has often remarked on the random bras that were left strewn about the place.

These things are great if you’re just going through a temporary weight gain and your cup size has stayed the same. You can get them with 3 hooks or 2, and they come in a pack containing white, nude and black. Lifesaver.

New Blog Design shop my theme here

Lastly I must mention my own website. For a long time I just felt that my previous scheme was just off. Not quite me. Not quite on point. Then I saw a blogger mention a company called Pipdig. Clicked on their Twitter profile, instantly saw a theme that I liked and went for it. They installed it in about an hour and I have no complaints. I had a few questions at first, but their menu layout is so simple that I was able to answer my own questions very quickly.

I like the layout. I think it’s more crisp and the fact that you now have to click into a post to read more, means that I can see which posts do better. Rather than just having it all there for you to read on the homepage.

I hope you all have a fab weekend full of pizza, wine and cuddles, from whomever you should choose….


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