What You Need From The Cath Kidston CKAW17 Collection – Part 1

What You Need From The Cath Kidston CKAW17 Collection – Part 1

Nothing makes me pray to the gods more that I will suddenly find an extra couple of grand in my bank account more than a new Cath Kidston collection.

They have just launched some of their collection for AW17. I stalked Instagram when other bloggers went along to the press day, so I know there is more to come. But I am LOVING what is out so far.

I particularly like the fact there are more Cat items now. Hooray for cat ladies who also like florals.

I also like the entire Woodstock Ditsy collection. Can’t wait to see what else might come out in this range…

I really want to try to wear more skirts and dresses, but lack the confidence, so I think item number 2 would be a great starting point for me.

So these are my picks from what is out so far. I’ve already bought some of the items from this list and I fear this will only increase with time. Oh dear…

Happy Shopping!

1.Notepad Set of 2 shop here

2. Etched Floral Tunic Dress shop here

3. Cat Coin Purse shop here

4. Woodstock Ditsy Keyring shop here

5. Breton Stripe Top shop here

6. Pressed Flowers Oven Gloves shop here

7. Littlemore Flowers Chunky Pen shop here

8. Knitted Cushion shop here

9. Floral Ceramic Dish shop here

10. Pyjama Set shop here

11. Rainbow Jumper shop here

12. Birds Cup shop here

13. Flowers Cushion shop here

14. Cats Mug shop here

15. Weighing Scales shop here

16. Magnetic To Do List shop here

17. Birds Cushion shop here

18. Raincoat shop here

19. Woodstock Ditsy Bag shop here

20. Wells Rose Pouch shop here

21. Meadowfield Birds Cushion shop here

22. Well Rose Shoulder Tote shop here

23. Pressed Flowers Tea Towels shop here

24. Meadowfield Birds Slim Diary shop here

25. Leopard Print Pen shop here

26. Knitted Throw shop here

27. Trinket Dish shop here

28. Cat Plate shop here

29. Leaf Print Mug shop here

30. Birds Cup shop here

31. Task Manager shop here

32. Lucky Charms Pouch shop here

33. Ditsy Plimsoles shop here

34. Gadget Case shop here

35. (one I forgot to number!) Woodstock Ditsy Card Holder shop here


Bonus points if you can spot the item I included twice…..


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