A New Cath Kidston Bag – The Woodstock Ditsy

A  New Cath Kidston Bag – The Woodstock Ditsy

If you follow me on any other social media, then you’ll know that my most recent love is this Cath Kidston Woodstock Ditsy Bag (insert love heart emojis)

I had seen it when doing my usual Cath Kidston stalk and saw it the day it came out. It wasn’t showing on any of the press photos released in May, so was super excited about this print.

I bought it after feeling a bit meh after my recent issues with negativity in the bloggersphere (read all about it here) as a way to perk myself up. Also, with Cath Kidston, I always feel like I’ve “come home”, kinda back to my roots. And I was feeling a bit rubbish and found the CK website was like a warm comfort blanket.

So the bag arrived at work and I was anxious about opening with everyone around me. I dunno why, but I don’t like people to judge me for buying another bag. So naturally I do a blog post about it so everyone can judge me for buying another bag….


I had read the measurements and saw 50cm and just thought, this will be big enough. Then I quickly opened it at work and it was a lot smaller than I expected. I said to Ralph that I would probably send it back. That was until I got home and properly tried it on.

It was love.

At first I was befuddled by how light it was! It wasn’t hurting my shoulders or wrists and I could swing it about (should I feel so inclined). I had been wearing my Mulberry Bayswater for so long and had got used to the fact that my bag was heavy. Like super heavy. So when this bag came out the packaging, I forgot just how light some bags could be.

I opened it up and was surprised to see actually how roomy it was. So I thought I would take some pictures and show you exactly how much I can fit in this little beauty.



So on any given day, I carry:

  • My phone
  • Card Holder
  • Cath Kidston A5 notebook
  • A selection of lipsticks and lip glosses (girl gotta have choice)
  • Hairbrush
  • Bare Minerals Bare Pro (a lush powder for touching up during the day)
  • A make up brush
  • A handheld mirror
  • Tiger Balm for migraines
  • 4head cooling rub (again for migraines – I suffer with chronic migraines and can’t take tablets so these cooling balms are amazeballs)
  • A Cath Kidston nail kit
  •  My baby, my sweet sweet Olympus Pen. Couldn’t take a picture of the camera as I tried to take one with my phone and recoiled in horror at the quality, so make do with a camera lens instead
  • 2 camera lenses
  • Foldable tote shopping bag

So yeah, for something I thought was actually quite small is surprisingly roomy and carries more than enough.

Also, I went to get Chippy Chips for me and the family the other day, and the two ladies serving me both gushed about the bag. So much so that two ladies from the queue joined in. Normally I hate this sort of thing. Like, if it was my hair then I would be squirming inside. But with bags and fashion, I will happily talk to complete strangers about it and tell them where to buy it. You can buy it here by the way.

I am so looking forward to more in this print from Cath Kidston and I am already eyeing up the card holder…



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