Jo’s Guide To A Lush Night In On Your Own

Jo’s Guide To A Lush Night In On Your Own

Yo. So what is up with the weather this week??? It’s gone all autumn on us, which is fine but there’s no Pumpkin Spice Latte to warm me up. Lord why don’t Starbucks serve this all year round??

As most of you might know, I am a massive fan of “me time”. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to spend time alone with your thoughts and to do your own thing. We all have our little things we like to do when no-one is around and I take it as time to kinda reset myself. Having lived on my own for a long time, I do sometimes miss just time to mong out by myself. Plus with the weather this week, it’s made me just want to stay in and cosy up to a blanket.

So I thought I would put together my little guide to having the best night in by yourself. Read on why don’t ya:


A very autumnal thing for me, but a great way to relax. The smell is divine and sometime just watching the candle flicker is enough to distract me from my day. Plus it’s very funny to watch the cats lose their shit over this burning flame in the house. Note, I keep it far away out of the cat’s reach, but the candle flame casts a very obvious shadow on the rug and they just can’t decipher what it is. V funny. My all-time fave is the one pictured by Jo Malone in the scent Peony and Blush Suede. Mmmmmmmm.


Even if it is warm outside, the thought of a literal comfort blanket makes me feel all the feels. I’ve got a textured grey one right now from Primark that, apart from being v instragramable, is like the softest blanket you could ever wish for. Go get one.


Now you might not enjoy painting your nails as much as I do, so I would recommend you still do something with a beauty feel. It could be a facemask, or a deep moisturiser. But if you’re gonna spend a few hours sat still, you might as well use that time to make yourself feel better while doing nothing.

I change my nails like twice a week. So I like to use this time to pick the sassiest shade I can find and go all out on nail primer, cuticle creams and top coats. The next day at work when I’m typing, I look at my nails like you-so-pretty and it gives a little relief from the emails I am typing out that are no so sassy.


Pick a meal that you don’t get to eat that often. One that only you enjoy. Plan in advance so you don’t spend an hour lost in Tesco wondering how to cook a tomato. Pick a comfort food if you want, but make sure it is one that you look forward to.

Find Something To Watch

Ralph constantly moans at me for watching the same stuff over and over. I won’t even try to think how many times I’ve watched Interstellar or The Martian (maybe like hundreds?? I’m not ashamed) And sometimes if I do want to watch the same film, Ralph will try to enjoy it but start to shuffle in his seat. And that makes me not enjoy it, so we end up turning it off.

If I’ve had a rough day at work, or someone’s pissed me off, I like the escape of a good film. Often a film that is not about normal life. So space films, or fantasy or sci-fi. Often, this means the same films. I guess it’s the comfort of the familiar. Plus I don’t have to pay that much attention. Obviously if a new film is out I LOVE to watch these too, but for a comfy night in, nothing beats a known good film.

Or pick a show to watch. I’m currently loving How To Get Away With Murder. I started watching it when I had a migraine recently and it was a great distraction from the pain and sickness I felt. I love a good murder-twist plot.

My tip would be to actually think of something to watch beforehand. You don’t want to spend all evening trawling through Netflix to end up watching the last 20 minutes of Robocop. Nope.





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