If I Blogged In My Twenties

If I Blogged In My Twenties

At the weekend I spent more time than I like to admit trying to perfect the winged eyeliner. After making my eyes sore with constant make up remover applications, I realised why I was struggling. I might have the odd wrinkle around my eye. Fuck. Need to crack on with some of those creams they advertise on the tv…

Anyhoo it got me thinking about whether I might have missed my “peak blogger period” in my twenties. (Most of the bloggers I see are in their twenties, so yeah, that’s where that assumption came from)

No Fashion Sense

Not that I would go so far as to call myself a fashion blogger, but I have a better perception of different trends now and I have finally realised what suits my body and what look I am going for.

If I had blogged in my 20’s, it would have been full of blue jeans and a “nice black top”. This was the staple for going out in the noughties. I had many a black top, of different styles, but they were all low cut and showed off the old cleavarge. Classy.

Also, it wasn’t until my late twenties that I discovered shops sold petite leg jeans. I always bought jeans too long and either had them scuff on the floor or were folded up in a farmer kinda fashion.

Living It Large

You were no-one unless you were out on the lash every Saturday night. I seem to have been born in the wrong generation, as more people stay in now, but back then (god that makes me sound ancient) you went out. You went clubbing and you went to house parties. Mainly with the same crowd each and every week and it never got old. Well, apart from the drama over “she’s not talking to her” and “she spoke to my ex-boyfriend so she can’t come to my party” etc etc.

Thinking back, we did have so much fun on our nights out. We would lose our inhibitions and put all our efforts into have the craziest night with our friends. We would welcome the hangover as we were on our 4th tequila shot. “Come at me hangover, show me what you’ve got”.

The blog would have been full of dark grainy photos from my Sony Ericsson phone with the only thing light enough to see would have been my stripey highlights.

So Poor…

I don’t want you to play a little violin for me, but much of my 20’s was spent struggling for money. I barely had enough spare to have a social life, let alone be able to buy enough content to blog about. I don’t think a “Tesco Value Haul” would have had the viewers sharing in their millions now would it???

Primer? What’s THAT?!

I shudder as I think of how little I knew about beauty products. My make-up routine consisted of NO MOISTURISER followed by a Body Shop powder foundation and a little bit of mascara. This would all slide off my face by 11am and I would always wonder why. All photos of me when I was out clubbing were pretty much naked of make up as it never stayed on my face. It was only when my friend, Gemma, applied her foundation in front of me one day and she applied moisturiser before hand that I started to change my ways. It was also Gemma’ fault that I started to apply masses of think black eyeliner all around my eyes (Hi Gemma if you’re reading this!!)

I also never took my make up off before bed. How my pillow wasn’t a constant shade of black/brown/beige I’ll never know.

So yeah, any make up posts would have been the same 4 or 5 products. That didn’t work. And made me look awful.

Social Media

Now I don’t know exactly when Instagram came about, but none of my friends used it back then. We all LOVED Facebook though. We would get notifications by the hundreds everyday as people updated you on every movement. Facebook was the place to be and if you didn’t update your status 5 times a day, then who were you exactly??

So What’s Changed (I hear you ask…)

Well, the major thing that has changed is my social life. I much prefer to stay in, either with friends or with Ralph, than go out. I spent so much time out in clubs longing to be at home. I would be shivering in my halter top queuing to get into a club secretly wanting the warmth of my bed or my sofa blanket.

Gone are the dramas that alcohol + friends create. Gone are the hour long heart-to-hearts in the ladies toilets and gone are the Sundays spent trying to remember what happened last night.

Social media has exploded into the monster it is now. Gone are the poor quality group hug snaps and instead we have magazine quality fashion shoots from teenagers. You spend as much time on your photos as you do the writing.

My knowledge around beauty products has increased MASSIVELY. I now know what primer is and can safely say, I moisturise everyday. Go me.

And finally money. Thankfully I am in a much better position financially than I ever was in my 20’s. But it does make me wonder how these savvy young women in their 20’s now can even afford to start a blog, let alone buy enough products to justify a “haul”.

I would like to conclude that now is my peak blogger time because this is when I chose to start a blog. I look back on my twenties with fond memories but I’m immensely grateful none of it has been recorded as hard evidence in a blog *rushes to delete old Facebook photos*







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