Jo & Ralph Eats // Picky Bits!! 

Jo & Ralph Eats // Picky Bits!! 

So I thought I would start a series around one of my favourite topics. Food. 

Food is so much more than a basic requirement now. We look forward to it. Plan in advance and even arrange an evening around it. 

So much of our plans are determined by what we’re eating. So I decided to do a small series showing the stuff we eat. 

Today’s blog post – Picky Bits!!! 

This reminds me of Christmas Day Evening. My mum puts on a feast of cold meats, her famous quiche and the smell of warmed crusty bread signals when it’s almost ready. No-one is left wanting, having various mini versions of everything ever to pick from. 

The trouble with trying to replicate this though, is volumes. Christmas tea is catered for numbers. Plus at Christmas you forgive yourself for wasting food. But when you start to have Picky Bits quite often, you find yourself going mad and buying everything in the Picky Bits aisle and end up eating a quarter of it. You stuff yourself with various pastries and end up rolling around the floor with a belly full of pies. 

This time, Ralph got it spot on. We had crusty bread, various cheeses, cold meats, crisps & dip, pulled pork things, chicken & chorizo kebabs, mozeralla bites, various sauces and last, but no means least turkey kievs. Praise be to Bernard Matthews for making them. 

And also thanks to my mum for making me try them one year. I used to just have cheese and bread at Christmas and, if I’m honest, didn’t think much of the tea. But now that my taste buds have changed, I think of the sumptuous Christmas tea my mum does every year and it instantly has me craving a good cheese, slice of bread with a side of quiche. Heaven!

So here are the pictures of our take on Picky Bits. Much more sedated than my mum’s, but much more suited to a summer’s evening when you just want to eat mini-of-everything. Seriously, what is it about the word “mini” that makes you want to eat them by the handful?!?!?! Just me? Ok. Bye. 


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