The Foundation Combo You Need In Your Life

The Foundation Combo You Need In Your Life

Today’s post is gonna be short but sweet (much like myself I hear you say) but I wanted to just hit you up with a fantastic foundation combo I have been swearing by lately.

Enter Bare Minerals Original Foundation.

For those of you like myself who suffer from oily skin, this stuff is a godsend. I know a lot of people apply powder to help with oily problems, but most of the time it leaves me looking as cakey as GBBO. It sticks to my t-zone and makes my pores look like volcanoes.

But this stuff? This stuff is some sort of witchcraft.

I have been using this with the Complexion Rescue which is a really fancy BB cream, but offers the opaque coverage I like for Summer. I say summer, but WTF is this we’ve been having recently with the weather?? Bring out the cardigans.

I tap some product into the lid and swish the brush around. Tap off any excess product and (this is the important bit) buffer into the skin in a circular motion. the Bare Minerals website really makes a point of showing you how to apply this, so do stick to this technique.

As a top up, I apply it just after lunchtime when I’m at work and suffering the most of the oil plague. Though I have noticed recently that after using this in the mornings, come lunchtime my face is not soooo oily. I mean, it would have to be a miracle worker to solve ALL my oily skin woes. But the fact it makes me face look matte up until about lunchtime is fabulous.

I would recommend that you speak to the assistants and get matched to the right shade. It’s not just shade 1 = light and the higher it goes, the darker it gets. Nope. It’s all about skin tones and I know nothing about this, so seek advice people.








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