Jo & Ralph Eats // Blunsdon Arms Swindon

Jo & Ralph Eats // Blunsdon Arms Swindon

Welcome to another edition of Jo & Ralph Eats.

Today we will be exploring the more common of our many eateries- the good old steak and burger joint.

For those of you that don’t know me that well, I love me a good burger. 9 times out of 10 I order this when we go out. I guess I am a stickler for the familiar. Or I don’t like to take risks of ordering something I might not like and going hungry. Like seriously, I get proper hangry (a combo of hungry and angry) so I can’t fathom the idea of something new. I stare at the kitchen doors willing our meals to come out sooner. I get restless if it has been anything more than 5 minutes and god help them if there is something wrong with my food. Just don’t mess it up.

Ralph and I stumbled on the Blunsdon Arms about a year ago and honestly have been back sooooo many times on a Sunday night.

The atmosphere is relaxing with lots of wood and earth tones everywhere. The staff are super friendly and often give Ralph samples of Ales to try before purchasing. Also I should mention their draught Pepsi is just amazing. I don’t know how pubs can affect the taste of drinks on draught, but this one always tastes sweeter. Major plus for me and my decaying sweet tooth.

We’ve never had a bad meal there, so given how often we go, is saying something about their consistency.

The Food

I tend to go for a Cheese and BBQ Bacon Burger with Chips and Ralph has steak with bernaise sauce. It’s funny, but we’re at that point in our relationship now where we just do not talk when we are eating. At all. Apart from the odd nod of appreciation of course. We both love the food here and need only speak in the odd grunt to describe to each other.


Now then. Puddings. I 100% blame Ralph for getting me addicted to Chocolate Brownies and it is majorly down to this place for providing said brownie. It comes with ice cream on top which gives it this heavenly like texture of the hot brownie and cold ice cream. Mmmmmmm I’m selling this to myself. I’m hoping Ralph cooks me one tonight….

You will often see us scraping the plates clean to get every last bit of chocolaty goodness. It’s THAT GOOD!!!!

So until next time, I hope you enjoy these delicious pictures and I really would recommend this place as a fantastic place with some seriously yummy food.


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