6 Things You Definitely Need To Watch on Netflix

6 Things You Definitely Need To Watch on Netflix

Hey. So as the title suggests, today’s post is about all things Netflix.

It’s weird how times have changed. Like how we used to properly invest in a TV series by bankrupting yourself in HMV in order to watch the whole series. And don’t even get me started on how annoying it was to have to change the dvd every 4 episodes. Ugh.

But now, we have so much choice at the click of a button. No more pesky disc changes. Although it does make me laugh when Netflix like to check you’re still alive and watching every so often. Yeah thanks Netflix for reminding me I’ve devoted my entire day to watching Netflix in my Harry Potter pyjamas.

So I thought I would put together a little of list of the creme de la creme (how do you spell that?!) of what Netflix has to offer:

Stranger Things

I had heard about this, but after viewing a clip, was convinced it was like something out of Pans Labyrinth (you need to watch that) and thought it wasn’t for me. Then fast forward a few months to my dad doing my bathroom and me needing something to occupy myself and boom I was hooked.

It’s about a group of young lads in the 80’s who’s friend goes missing and they try to find him. Lots of fantasy involved with a fair few pop culture references for you to spot. It’s got elements of the supernatural mixed in, but it all centres around the kids and their friendships. It’s got an ET/Spielberg vibe to it and reminds me of Super 8.

How To Get Away With Murder

My current TV show of choice.

It’s written by the same lady who writes Grey’s Anatomy and is about a fierce lawyer/lecturer played by the fantastic Viola Davis. It centres around the 5 students she employs within her firm and their daily lives and court cases mixed in with a good od fashioned murder to throw in the mix.

Season 1 has forward flashes to an apparent murder and this is mixed in with current day to day drama and court cases that lead up to that event. I like how you eventually get to piece together what happened.

I’m currently on Season 2 and still loving it. Give it a watch if you like sassy AF lawyers and backstabber (literally!)

House of Cards

Oh I do like a bt of Spacey.

Here he plays relentless politician Francis Underwood and the show follows him as he tries to work his way up the political ladder. You soon start to learn that there is nothing he won’t do in order to succeed and you come to actually respect him.

It does have a very heavy political tone to the show which, as a non-American, can be a little confusing at times. But you don’t really need to know what a Senate is or a Majority Whip, just follow the drama.

You end each episode frantically clicking ahead to the next one it is that gripping. The lying, deceit, betrayal and cheating all become the norm as you get more and more into this.

The OA

This is a slow burner. You really just need to bare with it whilst the plot unravels itself.

The show starts off with a woman who has been missing for 7 years and how she returns. But with just one small difference, she’s not blind anymore.

Watch to hear her story about where she’s been. There’s elements of fantasy, but ultimately it’s about friendships and how a group of completely different people can come together to achieve much more.

Making A Murderer

A documentary for you now. All about Steven Avery and how, whilst being cleared of a previous crime down to DNA, is now the prime suspect in a new crime.

It is filmed over 10 years and you really of get to see everything. You will constantly swing from innocent to guilty and be gripped by just how fishy it all sounds. Could someone have really framed him? Could he have been guilty to start with? Is he completely innocent?

Ralph doesn’t normally like stuff like this, but we were both hooked.

The Crown

Now for something a bit lighter!

This based on the early reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Whilst most of the main historical events are obviously true, the dramas the evolve around them are either fiction, or lightly based on fact.

You follow her Maj when she is first crowned Queen and see the effects it has on her marriage and her family.

This show is just beautiful, from the stunning costumes, to the fantastic cast. It all comes together to make a compelling drama that you find yourself emotionally involved in.

So that’s my list guys. Let me know if you’ve watched any of these and also hit me up with any recommendations of your own.

Happy viewing.



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  1. 3rd November 2017 / 3:19 pm

    My husband and I are big fans of Netfix. There are so many shows that we have watched. Stranger things 2 is almost ending. We are also watching Dexter. Have to catch up with the second season of How to get away with Murder. Outlander is a great one as well. Will check the others that you have mentioned. I like to watch thrillers a lot hehehe.

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