Slimming World – Update No 1

Slimming World – Update No 1

I’ve not really plastered this all over social media, but I started slimming world this week. Mainly to lose weight and be able to buy the clothes I want to wear, but also from a health perspective too. I want to feel slightly healthy again.

Why I Joined Slimming World

It has been a gradual putting on of weight over about a year. I’ve always struggled with my weight, but this past year has seen me not be able to fit into certain shops again. Great for my bank balance, not so great for my self-esteem!!

So I went to my first group on Tuesday evening. Straight after work at a church a stone’s throw away from my house. Ideal! There were mainly ladies, with a few men. I was a newbie, and everyone was quite smiley and welcoming. I sat down with the lady that runs the group and got cracking on finding out how the plan workThe first thing I noticed was how much you could still eat. They have “free foods” that you can eat limitless amounts of. Then you can have your “healthy extras” like bread, milk and cereal (one serving a day). Then we got onto the syns. Oh dear….

Is Everything a Syn?!

Basically, every food I ate was a syn. You’re allowed 5-15 syns a day, and just to give you some perspective, my favourite sandwich (ham, cheese & pickle) is 28 syns!!! My Caramel Latte from Costa? 12 syns. Jeez. Then I started to look at everything in fine detail – the sugar in my tea at work, the milk in my tea at work, my coke and so on. I would have to make some drastic change.

The key to succeeding at slimming world, is planning. You need to look at everything you eat and make sensible swaps. I can no longer just grab a sandwich for lunch every day. Even the most healthiest of sandwiches was full of syns. So I tried one of Slimming World’s own frozen meals for lunch. It was alright, I guess.

I cut out my Costa Coffee, removed full fat coke completely (I had already stopped drinking this for lunch 6 months ago) and put sweeteners in my tea. I was winning at slimming, or so I felt.

The next day, jeez I struggled to get out of bed. It probably didn’t help that Lucy was asleep on my face and oh-the-comfort, but I didn’t properly wake up until about midday. I stuck to my reduced fat tea and coffees at work, then got a Tesco healthy soup for lunch (still 6 syns mind you!) a wholemeal roll, bananas and Muller light yoghurt (syn free, oh yeah!)

You Were Doing So Well…

About 3 o’clock, the migraine started. I felt unbelievably sleepy, like I could probably have a cheeky nap at my desk if I decided to. I kept on stepping away from my desk in an effort to stay awake. Feeling utterly rubbish, my headache got worse. The thought of getting home and putting a cold pad on my head was all that kept me sane. I felt I could cry I felt so bleurgh.

After discussing at length with Mum & Ralph I felt like quitting because I felt so low. Is it always going to be like this? And so soon?! I’ve only been on it 2 days and I feel this rough already. No amount of weight loss is worth it if you feel like this all the time.

Whilst chatting to Ralph, I mentioned about my sugar & caffeine reductions and it became clear that this was the reason for my migraine. I only had one cup of tea and even that had sweeteners in instead of sugar. Gone were my morning Costa Coffee fix and had no coke at all. I had, effectively, gone cold turkey on everything. I guess my want to succeed took over instead of listening to the sensible voice in my head. My new plan is to reduce my sugar/caffeine intake gradually. I can’t expect my body to be like “hey I’m running on empty here” and not have any side effects. I’ve been studying my SW books and the website, and have loads of fab ideas for evening meals.

Planning Ahead

As I mentioned earlier, the key to success with SW is planning. So this weekend, I’m going to plan plan plan. I’m going to make lists of everything I can eat and stock up on that. I’m going to plan out lunches and be one of those people that cooks them the night before.

Hopefully, with a little bit more planning, and gradual reductions on my part, I can get through the next week and see some weight loss.


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  1. 3rd November 2017 / 3:08 pm

    Wow! you will do great I am sure. Even I switched to sweeteners in my tea and gradually changed from whole milk to low fat milk. It was difficult. 🙂

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