Slimming World – Feeling Pretty Damn Good

Slimming World – Feeling Pretty Damn Good

As you know, in my first official week at Slimming World, I put on weight. Mainly because I wasn’t really sticking to it and I know I had a fair few naughty items (looking at you Pumpkin Spice latte).

The next week, was a bit weird. After really REALLY sticking to the plan, staying within my syns and refusing to eat any biscuits from the see-through box that I walk past whenever I get up from my desk… I was also ill that week with a stinker of a cold and a touch of that stomach virus going around.

Feeling Confused

After weighing myself at Ralph’s, I was surprised to see that I had lost like 8 pounds! What?! Another strange thing was I had developed brand new stretch marks around my stomach. It turns out you can get these after quite quick weight loss, so I was buzzing.

It came to that week’s weigh in, and it said I only lost 3 pounds… Picture a very confused face and this is what greeted the lady at Slimming World who weighs us. But why was it so much less?


I went home and sulked accordingly and it wasn’t until the next day that I twigged that a 3 pound weight loss is still pretty damn good. A bag of sugar is 2 pounds, so to think that I shifted that was quite impressive. Everyone says that different scales can give different readings, so I assume someone’s is out by a few pounds.

This week, I didn’t weigh myself at Ralph’s, so I had no idea on my weight loss, at all. I was quite anxious, as I had stuck to the plan pretty well this week. I even had less syns than the week before, but weight loss is a funny thing, so I had no idea what would greet me on those scales this week.

This Week’s Results

Turns out I had lost 2 pounds. Now, this is less than last week, but I was ill that week. Part of me was scared because I thought I’d lost weight because I’d been ill. I had visions of me putting on the weight again if I’m honest. I was well chuffed when I saw that I had lost 2 pounds.

My weight loss was entirely down to my dieting. I had not been ill and couldn’t attribute the loss to anything apart from my good work. It proved that this could actually happen. For the first time in a long while, I felt positive about my body. Sure, if I see something I don’t like now, I know I am doing something about it. Whereas before, I would see a picture of me and kinda shudder and feel blue that I couldn’t change anything.

Feeling Positive

I really believe the key to being successful as Slimming World, is to plan, plan plan. You can’t expect to buy your usual sandwich from Tesco’s and stay within your syns. I’ve been making lunches in bulk, or stocking up on items at work like beans for jacket potatoes.

I might do a separate post on what exactly I’ve been eating, just to give you a rough guide of all the things you can still eat. But for now, I leave you with the thought that, after seeing actual bona fide results, I am more determined to see this through.



  1. 25th October 2017 / 7:47 pm

    Well done! Those are some great solid losses! I’ve lost 2st through SW and have been at target since February. It is difficult to start with whilst you get your head round it but it really does get easier. It’s also a case of learning how your body reacts to it because everyone’s different. Stick at it! 🙂

    • Jo Reynolds
      25th October 2017 / 7:49 pm

      Hiya. Yeah, it really makes my target seem more do-able now! I wasn’t sure about last week as I was ill and didn’t know how much weight loss was down to my diet. I’m so glad to hear you’ve done so well on SW, makes me feel so much more positive 👍🏻

  2. Sharon
    25th October 2017 / 8:15 pm

    Well done if you ever fancy a walk at lunch give me a shout. I walk at a fast pace for 45 mins around town. I find it helps me with my weight and gets the heart pumping and clears my head

    • Jo Reynolds
      25th October 2017 / 8:17 pm

      Will do!!

  3. 3rd November 2017 / 2:58 pm

    Superb! I know how it feels great to see the results when we are working so hard. At one point I was 79.9 Kg I did not touch 80 okay.. One fine day I decided I need to seriously loose some weight and I started eating healthier avoiding all the sugary stuffs and carbs and also reduced the quantity of food that I was eating, and ate more vegetables. When I started seeing the result I was determined to continue and now I weigh 67 kgs. Which I am still trying to loose a little. 🙂

    • Jo Reynolds
      3rd November 2017 / 3:01 pm

      This is so lovely to hear. I’m getting so many positive stories from everyone’s SW experiences and it makes me so determined. I’m glad it has worked for you too x

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