About Me

Jo Reynolds Swindon PICHi there. I’m a Swindon based blogger. Slightly obsessed with Shopping, Benedict Cumberbatch, Cats and Chorizo. I’m a massive film lover and in a relationship with the love of my life, Ralph

I started this blog as a way to have some sort of emotional outlet that quickly turned into a way to just jot down any thoughts I might be having. I also turned my love of shopping into an additional hobby!

Therefore expect random posts about burgers, films, clothes, beauty, Cumberbatch and my adorable cats.

Since starting my blog, I have developed a keen interest in photography and have experimented with different editing techniques. I now rate my blog photography as important as the words themselves, a picture can say a thousand words, right?

I’ve recently started Slimming World (see post here) and I’ve enjoyed posting updates on my weight loss. It’s been so nice for people to comment with their experiences and tips.

I hope you enjoy my blog