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My Christmas Wishlist 2017

Yay! We can start thinking about Christmas now and counting down to mince pies, my Mum’s Quiche, turkey dinner and Xmas Pud. Mmmmmmmm I’ve put together a little (ha! not so little) wishlist that you might want to peruse for,…


Slimming World – Update No 1

I’ve not really plastered this all over social media, but I started slimming world this week. Mainly to lose weight and be able to buy the clothes I want to wear, but also from a health perspective too. I want…


The Thing About // Migraines

I know this isn’t the most glam of posts to write about, however it is something that can completely stop me in my tracks. I’ve spent a great deal of time thinking about migraines recently, so, if it’s on my…


My Goals For The Rest of 2017

Before I get on to my goals for the rest of the year, can we just talk about the fact that it was Spring like yesterday? And now I’m already counting down the days until Starbucks release their Pumpkin Spiced…


If I Blogged In My Twenties

At the weekend I spent more time than I like to admit trying to perfect the winged eyeliner. After making my eyes sore with constant make up remover applications, I realised why I was struggling. I might have the odd wrinkle around…