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September Payday Wishlist

If you’re like me, then you have already mentally spent your next month’s pay already, and you’re already eyeing up cute things to snap up. I seem to do this a lot. Plus, when we went to Brighton, I was…


September Faves

Is anyone else secretly glad it is getting chillier? To me this means one thing- NEW COATS!! And yes I meant plural. You need a coat for all weathers. I thought I would put together a collection of my favourites…


26 Things That Happen In Every Office

Flowers. Oh yes. People will get deliveries of flowers coming through reception. You heart will skip a beat in the brief moment you think they might be for you. They aren’t for you. I didn’t want them anyway…” *glares at recipient*…


Friday Favourites

Oh hi! So, it’s Friday!!!  I’ve had a mega busy 2 weeks full of birthdays and super secret birthday planning. More on that on another post peeps. So this is a Friday Favourites for TWO WEEKS!!! You lucky people.  So…